Top 3 Mistakes that Can Hamper Your Credit Score

Having a good credit rating is very important as it can affect an individual’s ability to borrow money and secure credit. Moreover, a good credit rating is also important in helping people secure mortgages, a personal loan, or even a mobile phone contract. More often than not, people tend to overlook a few key tips that hamper credit score.

Here’s what these commonly made mistakes that lower your credit score:

  • Failure to Pay Your Due:

One of the most common reasons people fail to pay their bills on time is a bad organization of their credit. For example, failing to keep a record of all open credit lines can lead you to forget which bills to pay and on what date. Of course, failure to settle bills on time is a clear indicator to lenders that you are either facing financial trouble or are just irresponsible. In any case, this behavior will be visible to lenders and can greatly damage your ability to obtain new credit.

  • Making Multiple Applications:

Whenever somebody applies for credit, there is an inquiry made on their credit report. For instance, if you apply for a credit card, the application will be shown on the credit report at the end of the year. Therefore, filling in multiple applications for credit might give the impression that your previous applications were rejected, hence the multiple applications. Every application lowers your credit rating.

  • Failure to Check Your Credit Report:

Although millions of us have no idea how a credit report looks like, this in itself is a big mistake. In many cases, credit reports have information which is incorrect. Yet, without proper checks, the information stays there and thus affects the credit prowess of the individual concerned. Ergo, it is important for you to keep a regular check on your credit report and report any errors that might exist in it.   Therefore, if you seek to maintain a good credit rating, following the above mentioned 4 tips would definitely help you fulfill your goals.