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The Credit Pros Founders Start LeadsCon Strategic Partnership Workshop

Our very own founders, Damon DeCresenzo and Jason Kaplan, Esq., will share their knowledge on Strategic Partnership Workshop – Unit Economic Spotlight: Achieving Better Commercial Outcomes Through Partnership on March 4-6. 2019 at the LeadsCon which will be held at The Mirage Las Vegas.

Damon and Jason from The Credit Pros are both experts in the business industry. They have built successful businesses and relevant experiences over the past years. At the LeadsCon’s Strategic Partnership Workshop, they will discuss generally about finance and business development. This workshop will set the challenges which face today’s marketers and deliver actual, actionable routes to gainful growth. They will also address the ‘digital dilemma,’ and also form a stage for Strategic Partnerships to shine.

Attendees will walk away with a greater understanding of:

1.    How partnerships can impact your business’s bottom line.

2.    How to structure and launch a partnership marketing strategy.

3.    What to look for in a potential partnership opportunity.

4.    How to best launch new partnerships and ensure success, early on.

5.    What to do to scale your best partnerships and create win-win-win scenarios that support you, your partner and the customer.

6.    How to stay true to your brand while supporting your partners.

7.    What presenters and other attendees are looking for from a partnership perspective.

8.    Real, actionable opportunities to partner with leading firms, now.

This workshop and topic is for anyone who desires to influence their business’s customer acquisition, retention. and revenue growth. If you touch customer acquisition and represent a membership group or association, retention or monetization, this workshop is for you.


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