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Most individuals seeking better credit, as well as agencies that claim to repair credit, concentrate on getting rid of the negative items on their report.  While this does increase credit scores, it is important to note that unsecured revolving lines of credit, such as a department store or traditional credit card is the most important piece of the credit profile.   “Revolving debt illustrates an ability to maintain a long lasting relationship with creditors and proves responsibility over time,” says Steven Fried of the Urban Institute of Finance.   Adding a credit card onto a credit report will show immediate results and the positive effect will only grow stronger with time.  The longer the relationship, the higher the score!  Until recently, someone with bad credit could not get these all important credit card accounts.   Secured credit lines are reported to all three (3) credit bureaus.  Their effect is identical  to that of an unsecured American Express or MasterCard account.  It is a legal way to built revolving debt and prove that you are credit worthy.

You can read more about this great credit tool here: http://www.creditrepair.to/secured

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