Phone Calls from Collection Agencies

Phone Calls

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Now, there are two things I hate in this world. One of them is collection agencies. The other is scary clowns (don’t ask).   Collection agencies employ some of the most disgusting tactics to collect money. Calling employers incessantly, trolling Facebook pages, even threatening prison or bodily harm to collect from people. I hate them, but I LOVE the fact that The Credit Pros’ kicks their butts every day! Quick tip – if you or your clients are being harassed by a collection agency send them a written letter stating that they should never call you again and that the only contact made should be by snail mail. Send this letter Certified Return Receipt and keep the proof.   If the collection agency calls you (or your neighbor or boss or anyone else) regarding your debt it is a clear violation of the law and an open-and-shut case in a lawsuit.   It is a foolproof way to get rid of harassing phone calls for good. Now, getting rid of scary clowns…not so easy.

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