Free Professional Education during COVID-19

Free Professional Education during COVID-19

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Many people have been let go from their jobs, and this uncertainty has caused a great deal of panic. People are expecting a worldwide recession. Read this blog on free professional education during COVID-19.

However, being out of work at this time can be an opportunity. Now, furloughed workers have much more time to educate themselves to acquire new skills or hone their knowledge in their field.

Here are some of the companies offering education completely for FREE during COVID-19.

MOZ Academy

MOZ Academy is one of the most comprehensive sources of SEO education around. Their courses tend to cost several hundred dollars.

Now, if you find yourself in need of learning SEO skills, you can get FREE access to MOZ Academy’s entire catalogue! This is tens of thousands of dollars of value, completely FREE!

Offer lasts until May 31st. Check out MOZ Academy’s SEO courses here! Keep reading this blog on free professional education during COVID-19.


Udacity is a leading provider of professional education ranging from a wide variety of subjects. Their subjects are focused on learning directly employable STEM skills, such as computer programming, data analytics, and engineering.

They’re offering a one month FREE trial for their nanodegree programs while people are stuck in quarantine.

Sign up for one month FREE Udacity education!

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LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning, formerly, offers one of the largest selection of professional education subjects. From learning writing skills, to web development, to business plans, and much much more: you can use LinkedIn learning to build your skills.

Sign up for a one month FREE trial for LinkedIn learning!

Want even MORE? There is a compilation of education resources for professionals and students of all ages here.

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