Can Deleted Items be Reinserted on Credit Reports?

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Can Deleted Items be Reinserted on Credit Reports?   A common misconception about credit repair is that once we force the deletion of an item, it simply reappears on your client’s credit report. Is this true? Well, in 90% of the time it doesn’t. But can it? Well, it depends.

Deletion based on reporting time If we force the deletion of an item that is past 7 years from the date of last activity, then reinsertion on a credit report is illegal. In our industry, it’s called “reaging the debt”, and is a clear violation of the law.

Deletion based on not being verified in time The credit bureaus have an obligation to respond to consumer disputes in a timely manner (in most cases, 30 days). If not verified, the credit bureaus must remove it, as they are not permitted to report unverifiable information. In this case, an item can be reinserted BUT the credit bureaus must notify the consumer of the reinsertion in writing within 5 business days.

Deletion based on incorrect data Very often, we catch the credit bureaus and creditors reporting incorrect information on consumer credit reports, and very often we are successful in getting these items deleted. In this instance, the credit bureaus can reinsert but again, they must notify the consumer of the reinsertion in writing within 5 business days.   Now, The Credit Pros’ keeps a very close eye on this. Over 90% of the time, we do not see items reappear. What’s more, in the instances where an item is reinserted, we rarely, if ever, see the bureaus properly notify our clients about the reinsertion. The bureaus are simply not diligent about these notices. This is why we are comfortable offering a lifetime guarantee on deletions – should a deleted item reappear on a report at any time, for any reason, The Credit Pros will work to remove the item again at no cost – FOR LIFE!

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