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800 and 850 Credit scores: Which is Better?

A perfect credit score may appear to be a distant dream. But with the right knowledge of credit scores and careful money management, you can achieve this. That is nothing but reaching an 850 credit score.

You can have an 800 credit score, which is a good credit score when all your credit reports are correct. But you cannot reach the 850 credit score. Moving forward, a good score will provide you with better offers.

In other words, a credit score of 800 is so high that lenders see no reason to treat it any differently than 850 credit scores.

So why is that? Let us check on this post to know which one is better, either 800 or 850 credit scores.

800 vs 850 Credit Scores – Benefits

To reach an excellent or a perfect credit score, you have worked hard to reach there. Let us see the benefits of 800 plus credit scores.

Getting Approval for a New Credit

Your credit score talks about your creditworthiness, which means how you are capable of repaying your borrowed money. If your credit score is high, then your lenders will consider you to be a less risky person. Then you are approved for a line of credit.

Qualified for Lower Interest Rates and Higher Credit Limits

When you are planning to get a mortgage or an auto loan, then your interest rate on your credit card becomes lower. It is lowered because of your perfect credit score. 

In case you have an existing loan, then you can refinance it for a lower interest rate. 

You can contact your credit card issuer and ask them to increase the credit limit since you have reached the perfect credit score.

Better Credit Cards with Rewards

Having a long credit history is good, but you might be missing some valuable benefits. 

You can contact your credit card issuer and enquire if you are qualified for a different credit card with some rewards. You can switch over to the new card when your credit card issuer accepts that you are eligible for better credit.

You can spend your time researching the new credit cards that are available online and find which one is best for you.

How good are 800 and 850 credit scores?

Verifying your credit report on a regular basis is a good idea no matter where you are in your financial journey. This is what you need to know about the perfect credit score and set yourself to get up there. 

Check your report from the three major credit bureaus- Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion.  

If you have a credit score of 800, which is an excellent credit score, then it conveys to the lender that you are a good borrower. When you have a credit score of 800, it shows that you are handling credit cards in a responsible way for many years.

An 850 credit score is a perfect credit score. It is said to be perfect because, once you are qualified for an 850 credit score, you are capable of improving your score and getting loans easily. Having an 850 credit score also shows how you are managing your credits, by paying bills on time and not having any negative information on your credit report. 

Is it possible to reach an 800 plus credit score?

If you really want to reach the 800 plus credit score, then follow these steps.

Check your credit report for errors

Have a check on your credit reports for errors. If you find any errors, dispute them. In case of any inaccurate information make a report to any one of the credit bureaus (Experian, Equifax, and Transunion).

These kinds of errors can bring down your score gradually.

Pay your bills on time

The next one is paying your bills on time. You can enable automatic bill payment so that you will not miss any of the bills.

In case of any late payment or missed payment on your credit report then make a dispute to any one of the credit bureaus to get that removed. Late payments or missed payments will have an impact on your score.

Low Credit Utilization Ratio

Always remember that your credit utilization ratio should be within 30%. Your credit utilization ratio is based on your revolving credit.

If you are having any credit card balances, consider them as important and pay them off first. In case you find that your credit limit might be increased due to some reason, then check with your lender for your credit limit.

Credit Mix

Using multiple credit cards will help you get an 800 plus credit score. It will show the lenders how good you are in handling credit and paying back the borrowed amount.

You should be strategic if you apply for a new account since the credit mix has a 10% contribution to your credit score.

Long Credit History

Having a long credit history makes your lender happy, and shows the lender you are capable of handling credits for a longer-term. 

In case you close your credit card because you haven’t used it for a long time, then your credit score will surely take a hit. It will also have an effect on your credit history length. Your scores get improved depending on your payment history. The older your payment history is, the higher your scores will be.

The credit history length measures the average amount of time you had in your account. If you are choosing to close or open an account, then this shows an impact on your credit history and could affect your credit score. 

Low Down your Inquiries

When there is a hard inquiry posted by the lender, then your credit score will surely take a hit. A hard inquiry is performed whenever you close or open an account. The hard inquiry appears on your credit reports.

Each hard inquiry will lower your score depending on other credit score factors. If your credit score is high then your hard inquiry is less.

The lenders check the credit report and credit score to make a decision whether or not to lend you money and at what interest rate.


By following these steps, you will start paying off your debts, and slowly you will improve to your perfect 850 credit score. 

If you have 850 credit scores then you have done a great job. It will reflect on the interest rates that the lenders provide you. 

A credit score of 800 and above that is an achievement and many of them have it as a financial goal. Reaching an 850 credit score needs hard work and effort. You will show off once you reach an 850 credit score.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will every inquiry affect your credit score?

Hard inquiries will take a hit on your credit score. Whereas, soft inquiries will not have an impact on your credit score.

2. Does making payments on a car increase your credit score?

If you buy a car, then your credit score will increase, and if you make your payments on time it will boost your credit score even higher. 

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