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690 Credit Score – A Brief Guide 2022

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Your Guide to a 690 Credit Score

690 Credit Score – A Brief Guide 2022

A 690 Credit score is a decent score to receive loans and other credits. According to Experian’s credit score range statistics, more than 20% of U.S. people fall under this “good” credit range. As credit scores act as a metric to evaluate the credit worthiness of the applicants, people should know how important this credit score is in their financial life.

If you want to know what are loan options for a 690 credit score or want to know the credit card ranges and their eligibility, then this article will help you as it speaks about the good range to guide you in boosting your credit score further.

690 Credit Score

690 credit score falls under a category that is good but not excellent. People who have 690 credit scores have higher chances of receiving loans than poor credit scorers. As people with this score are on the edge of reaching excellent scores, they could easily reach the next level with a little more effort.

Basics of Credit Score

To understand the 690 credit score, let us first learn what is credit score and what are the ranges within it.

Credit Scores

Financial institutions and banks consider credit scores to evaluate loan applicants. They expect some assurance that the customer is eligible to repay the loan on time. The score ensures the loan providers that the major credit bureaus have the previous loan history of the applicants and evaluate them based on the timely payments of their loans. Maintaining a minimum credit score is essential for users to improve their chances of receiving approval for their loans.

Credit Reports

The credit bureaus are responsible for furnishing the credit reports of the customers who have credit accounts. These credit reports have information on the loan history of the users along with the loan terms, due date, and payment time. The credit bureaus Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion will provide the loan vendors with this report to help them make decisions on approving the loan applications. People can have their free credit reports through Annual Credit Reports

Credit Score Ranges

A credit score is a three-digit value calculated from the financial activities of the users. The higher the value, the higher the opportunity to receive loan approval.



300 to 579Poor
580 to 669Fair
670 to 740Good
740 to 799Very Good
800 to 900Excellent

690 Credit Score – Good or Bad

The 690 Credit score comes under the “Good credit score” category. All credit scores more than 650 and less than 750 are good scores. People with these credit scores are eligible for most loan options. As it is in the middle of the credit range scale, people express their doubts as to whether the score 690 credit score is good or bad.

690 credit is far better than a low credit score. People with these scores are low-risk borrowers according to lenders as they would not find it difficult to borrow loans. If you wish for eligibility for all sorts of loans with the lowest interest rate possible, then it is better to level yourself up with better credit scores.

What Good Credit Score Can Get You?

A good credit score is sufficient to get almost all types of loans. But the chance of getting loans at lower interest is more difficult. Another benefit of this range is that people with this range have a higher opportunity to avoid a troublesome state. One missed payment can impact your credit score and put you into the fair or poor credit score range. It is also easy to maintain and build the score further with simpler efforts within this range.

Loan Options for 690 Credit Score

Unsecured Credit Cards

As this score falls under a good credit score category, people can get loans with lower interest rates. Still, ensuring the eligibility criteria with the respective credit card issuer is better to make sure you can handle the interest rates. Go through this blog to know how to manage your credit cards.

Car Loans

People with a 690 credit score are of course eligible for auto loans with reasonable interest rates. The interest rate may range from 3% for new cars and 5% for used cars. People with higher credit scores can avail of auto loans at cheaper interest rates. This blog on auto loans will help you to prepare your credit score for car loans. 

Mortgage Loans

Loan applicants who have a good credit score are likely to receive approval for home loans with less difficulty. But people of this range cannot enjoy all its benefits like an excellent credit scorer. Still, they are capable of getting loans with lower interest rates and mortgage rates eventually go to people who have a score of more than 800. If you want to qualify for Mortgage Loans, read this blog.

Personal Loans

There are many personal loan options for people with a 690 credit score. To make use of the right one, you must analyze all types and choose the one that comes with lower interest rates.

Steps to Improve Your Credit Scores from a 690 Credit Score

Although this credit score is decent enough to qualify for most of the loan options, there is still a possibility to improve the credit scores so that people do not have to worry about their creditworthiness and remain on the safe side. 

The first requirement is to be aware of the factors that affect credit scores. You must know how the bureaus evaluate credit scores, as focusing on these factors will help you maintain a good credit score.

  • Payment history refers to the timely payments of the loan. Any missed or delayed payment will have negative impacts on the credit scores. Repaying your loans within the stipulated time to increase your credit score is a simple way of building a good score.
  • Credit mix refers to the different types of credit accounts in a credit report. Generally, people with multiple types of loans have higher credit scores.
  • The number of new credits is part of the evaluation of the credit worthiness of the customers as hard inquiries and recent additions can highly impact your credit scores. When you opt for a new loan, the system considers you are at a higher risk of repaying the loans if you take on more debts, so you must determine if a new loan is necessary and when taking on a new one.
  • Credit history length is another important factor that considers the age of your credits. The longer the credit history, the more it will increase the credit score as most of the negative impacts on your credit report will fall off from that time.
  • Credit utilization is the ratio of credits you currently own to the available credit limit. Make sure to use only 30% of your total credit limits as higher availability will help you when it is an emergency to get a new loan.
  • Fixing errors in the credit report can help you boost your score. Sometimes there are flaws in your credit reports like mistaken identity. Going through the report and finding out if there are any mistakes is crucial. If there are any, then raise a dispute to fix these errors, as removing these errors can lift your score.

Credit Repair Companies

If you find it hard to perform a credit repair on your account, you can always reach out to credit repair companies that can scan your reports and check for errors if there are any. The Credit Pros ensures quality credit repair services by fixing the errors on your behalf. You can also make use of their free consultation call to get worthy tips to improve your credit scores.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a 690 credit score?

A 690 credit score is considered a good credit score that is eligible for loan approval. The loan providers definitely can’t deny loans to people with this credit score, still, the interest rate for them is not as low for those with excellent credit scores.

Am I eligible for a personal loan if my credit score is 690?

A 690 credit score is eligible for a personal loan with a reasonable interest rate. More than a 700 credit score is required for having personal loans. Out of many options on personal loans, instant loans, which are short-term loans with higher interest rates, are the right option for this score.

How to improve a 690 credit score?

    • Repay loans on time.
    • Maintain a low credit utilization ratio
    • Take diverse loans to boost scores.
    • Make sure you are capable of repaying loans on time.

Is 690 a good score to buy a house?

690 is a good score for most loans. But, the applicants can not avail of loans of the lowest interest rates. Still, you can buy houses with reasonable interest rates.

What is the interest rate for a 690 credit score?

The interest rate for a 690 credit score varies from 10% to 15%. The interest of an auto loan can cost around 5%.

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Final Thoughts

A credit score is a metric to evaluate a customer’s capacity to pay back the loans, and a 690 credit score is one of the trickiest scores to understand. This credit has the benefit of receiving approval for home loans, mortgage loans, car loans, unsecured credit cards, and secured credit cards.

Although this credit score is good, it is not the best, so if you have this score, then you should take the necessary steps to boost it. As this 690 credit score is just a step higher than a fair credit score, a small careless step can let you bring down your credit score, so you must treat your score with caution as there are always enough possibilities for you to fall under the fair or poor credit score category.

This stage is also just a notch lower than the excellent category, so with constant efforts and responsible loan repayments, you can build your scores to reach the best possible one. 

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