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570 Credit Score – Reasons and Solutions

Low Credit Score

570 Credit Score – Reasons and Solutions
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570 Credit Score – Reasons and Solutions

A 570 Credit score is not ideal for users to cherish the credit benefits. Statistics say that only 29% of U.S people possess credit scores of more than 680. This data clearly says that people still lack credit score management. Financial sectors consider credit scores a key point to make important credit decisions. This article will discuss a 570 credit score and guide you in boosting your credit from this poor credit score.

570 Credit Scores

A 570 credit score is a bad credit score in all scoring models because any score between 300 to 579 falls under the poor credit score range. People with these scores need improvement to get into a safer credit zone. The credit and loan options for this score are comparatively low.

Credit Scores – All You Need to Know

As credit account holders, people must have a thorough knowledge of everything relating to credit scores. Loan applicants who have a better understanding of credit scores and their impacts are more careful with their financial activities. They primarily focus on maintaining good credit scores, because they know how a good credit score can help them in securing a loan with possible benefits.

Credit Score

A credit score is a metric to measure the creditworthiness of a customer. Credit bureaus calculate credit scores based on customers’ previous loan repayments and credit histories. The credit scores range from 300 to 900. The higher their credit scores, the higher their credit value and approval possibilities. Credit bureaus consider these criteria to calculate a credit score:

  • Length of Credit History
  • Credit Utilization Rate
  • Payment History
  • New Credit accounts
  • Credit Mix

Credit Bureaus

When a loan applicant requests a loan, the loan vendor will look for the applicant’s previous loan records to make sure they are capable of repaying the loans. Major credit bureaus like Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion help loan providers by furnishing credit reports to customers. These credit reports have detailed information on the customer’s loan history and credit score with which the bank or credit union decides on approving the loans.

Credit Reports

Credit Reports are the official report furnished by the credit bureaus which contains all the financial information of the customers. It states the latest credit account, timely payments, and late payments of users.

Both loan applicants and loan vendors can ask for credit reports. Loan applicants get their credit reports to know their credit level and find if there are any errors in them. On the other hand, the loan providers use credit reports to make loan approval decisions. People can make use of to know their credit scores for free.

Credit Repair

There are possibilities of errors in credit reports for which account holders’ credit performances are not responsible. If your credit score is 570 or any other bad score, then you must make sure there are not any errors in the credit report. If there are any, you can raise a complaint and fix it yourself or hire a credit repair company like The Credit Pros to fix it. 

Ranges in Credit Score

Every credit account holder must know the range of their credit scores. Based on the scores, they are divided into 5 stages.

  • Poor – 300 to 579
  • Bad – 580 to 669
  • Good – 670 to 740
  • Very Good – 740 to 779
  • Excellent – 900 to 900

Reasons for Low Credit

A 570 Credit Score is the upper limit of the poor credit score range, and falling under a poor credit score will leave you with the fewest credit options. It is important to know some of the reasons for your low credit scores. Identifying the possible places where you could drip off and fall into the poor credit score category will help you be cautious with your financial steps.

New User

If you are newly getting into these credit accounts, you will have a minimum credit score at the start. The good news is that you are less likely to face rejection as a new user.


All you must do is take careful steps in the future, such as constant timely payments and maintaining a decent credit history.


This is the one primary reason for low credit scores. When an individual or a company is unable to repay their loans, they file for bankruptcy. This is the legal way of accepting their inability and asking for relief from some of the loans. However, this will negatively impact your credit score. A bankruptcy record in your credit report will remain on record for seven to ten years before removal.


It is impossible to remove bankruptcy from your credit report. It will stay there for at least seven to ten years and will affect your credit score. This might also put you in low credit scores like 570 with which you cannot easily receive approval for personal loans or unsecured credit cards. So, the best solution here is to go for secured credit cards.

The secured credit card approval depends on the collateral security deposit. So maintaining a high credit score is not necessary. With timely payments, you can create a positive impact on your credit accounts and stand a chance to boost your credit scores from the 570 credit score.

Errors in CIBIL Report

The other common reason for low credit scores is bugs in CIBIL scores. If you feel your credit performance does not deserve to fall under a poor credit score range, check if there is any error in your report. The errors may be anything like identity errors, incorrect account details, and fraudulent actions.


To resolve the errors in your credit report, you can claim your credit report from a credit bureau and check if there are any errors. If you find any, make sure to collect the necessary documents and raise a dispute. The credit bureaus will contact the company to cross-check the credit details and fix them.

Multiple Credits in Short Time

You might have the capacity to repay many lenders so opting for multiple loans in a shorter period is not a good practice as this activity will hurt your credit score. This practice will urge you to borrow more and eventually put you into debt.


Though multiple credits have a negative impact, if you repay them on time, the negative impact will decrease. Before applying for a loan, make sure you need it and then make the best decision.

Missed Payments

Timely loan repayments are the major criteria for calculating credit scores. Missing a payment can heavily impact your credit scores. At the end of the day, what the loan lenders expect is the repayment of loans, as failing in this aspect will put you into trouble.


You can not easily compensate for delayed payments, so you must focus on your upcoming payments.

Drawbacks of 570 Credit Scores

This credit score will put you into many credit troubles, so you must understand the possible drawbacks of this poor credit score.

  • Disapproval on loans – As a low scorer, you will face many loan rejections. Most of the providers will hesitate to risk themselves by approving your loans.
  • High Interests Rates – Although you successfully received loans or credit card accounts, you must face high-interest rates. Good credit scores can avail of loans at 3% to 5%, while poor credit scorers’ interest rates might range from 10% to 15 %.
  • Fewer Credit Benefits – People with good credit scores will have numerous benefits like low-interest rates, loan approvals without collateral, low insurance premiums, and many more. In your case, you could hardly enjoy these benefits.
  • Lower Loan Options – You are not eligible for all loan options. You can have a secured credit card or secured loans as they do not require a higher credit score. But having a personal loan, credit card or debit card is quite hard.
  • High Insurance Premium – You are supposed to pay the insurance premium amount or pledge a collateral security deposit to get a loan. When your credit scores do not convince the loan vendors to provide you with a loan, they prefer these options to help you with loan approvals. Still being in a poor credit score range, you must pay a higher amount as an insurance premium.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a 570 credit score bad?

The 570 credit score comes in the poor credit score range. As this shows your bad credit performance, there is no doubt a 570 credit score is not enough for people to secure loans.

Can I get approved for a credit card with a 580 credit score?

The clear answer is yes. You can get approved for loans and credit cards with higher interest rates. Or you must pledge your property or premium amount as collateral security.

What are some of the credit scoring models?

FICO scores and Vantage scores are the credit scores based on the FICO and Vantage scoring model respectively. Among these FICO scores is the most commonly used credit scoring model.

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Boost Your Credit Scores With The Credit pros

If your credit score is 570 or below, then it is high time for you to take the necessary steps to boost your credit score. You can focus on the five factors that affect credit scores, and fixing errors, paying loans on time, maintaining a low credit utilization, and taking loans with a balanced mixture of types can help you boost your credit. If you cannot do it yourself, then you have credit repair companies to help you. 

The Credit Pros is a financial company that offers a cheap credit repair service to users. When you are not familiar with credit concepts, it is better for you to choose a credit repair company that analyzes your credit report, fixes the errors, and guides you in boosting your credit scores. You may make use of our free consultation call to know more. Contact us – at 8004113050

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