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Cheap Credit Repair: 5 Best Companies

Cheap Credit Repair

Cheap Credit Repair: 5 Best Companies
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If you have been struggling with debt issues in recent months or even years, there is a good chance your credit rating has taken a hit.

If your rating gets too low, you might find it has a paralyzing effect on your ability to manage your finances. Why is that?

Go through this article to know more about credit repair and learn how will cheap credit repair services help you in building your credit history.

Why Should I Care About Credit Scores?

You probably already know that a low credit score will make it difficult for you to get credit in the future.

What you might not know is your credit score could affect your ability to rent an apartment, get a job, or secure insurance coverage at a reasonable rate. For these reasons and many others, we suggest that to monitor your credit score and know where you stand at all times.

There is another reason why this is an important thing for you to consider, and it’s something that most people aren’t aware of.

Why use Cheap Credit Repair?

There may be negative items or mistakes on your credit report that are harming your credit score! A lower credit score can bring down your chances of getting approved for a loan or credit card. This is why people should fix the error in their credit reports. Considering a cheaper one with quality credit service can boost can help you in your financial aspects. 

How Can I Get Cheap Credit Repair?

We found that as your credit issues worsen and your score continues to drop, you do have some recourse.

At the very least, there are affordable credit repair services. With the right cheap credit repair services company, you might be able to fix enough issues to result in enough savings to offset the monthly cost of repairing your credit.

What The Best and Cheap Credit Repair Companies Do

The best cheap credit repair companies will be able to get negative items removed from your credit report at a relatively low cost.

Some excellent credit repair companies will even help their clients pay down their debt and get them on track for a financially healthy future! Hiring a credit repair company ends up being one of the best decisions you can make.

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Our Top Picks for Best and Cheap Credit Repair Companies

With this guide, you will learn how to find the credit repair companies best for you.

  • The Credit Pros – Highest Value / Best Overall
  • Credit Saint – Best Mid Range Packages
  • Sky Blue Credit – Best Comprehensive Packages
  • Ovation Credit Services – Best Discounts
  • Lexington Law – Best Legal Expertise

If you haven’t gotten one of your free credit reports from the US government this year, you should do so. Until April 2022, you can get access to your credit report for free every week. Get your credit report for free!

The Credit Pros – Best Cheap Credit Repair Review

  • Minimum monthly fee: $69.00
  • Minimum work fee: $119.00


  • Lowest monthly fee
  • Bilingual (English & Spanish) service
  • Access to certified FICO professionals
  • Discounts on medication available
  • Access to financial monitoring & personal finance tools
  • Access to free financial education
  • Helps you prevent late payments
  • Identity Theft Protection
  • Access to a strong legal network
  • 24/7 access to client portal
  • 90 90-day day money-back guarantee
  • Free credit consultation


  • One dispute per month on the smallest package (unlimited disputes for all other packages)
  • No couples discounts


  • Credit Pros has been one of the fastest-growing cheap credit repair companies for over a decade. Founded in Newark, NJ, and now headquartered in Florida, The Credit Pros live up to their namesake.
  • What’s great about The Credit Pros is that not only do they provide help disputing erroneous items on your credit report, but they take a holistic approach to restoring financial health. They don’t just look at your credit report, but they provide budgeting tools, credit monitoring tools, and education to help you get back on the road to financial independence.
  • What’s best is that their minimum monthly fee is the lowest of all cheap credit repair companies here: $69 per month. It includes access to the tools you need, plus guidance for disputing bad items, not to mention sending debt validation letters to creditors.
  • Purchasers of the lowest $69/month plan get access to one dispute per month, which is usually enough for most credit reports. If you would like to have access to unlimited disputes, you can upgrade to the $119/month package. The $119/month package also provides access to discounts on medication, in case your credit has been impacted by medical bills.
  • Credit Pros offers a free consultation that will help you figure out what you need to do to repair your credit. The consultation will not affect your credit score, and it could be just what you need to get yourself on track toward financial independence.
  • The Credit Pros legal network provides the following:
    • Debt Validation Letters to Creditors
    • Cease & Desist Letters to Collections Agencies
    • Goodwill Letters to Creditors

Schedule your FREE consultation with a FICO-certified professional!

Credit Saint – Cheap Credit Repair Review

  • Minimum monthly fee: $79.99
  • Minimum work fee: $99.99


  • 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Options for every budget, starting at $79/month
  • 5 dispute letters per month
  • Clear pricing policies
  • Online portal available


  • Poor customer service options
  • English only


  • Credit Saint is another cheap credit repair company that has been well known in the industry for some time, and one of the reasons they’re so popular is because of their transparent pricing.
  • The packages — ranging from $79.99 to $119.99 — provide a minimum of five dispute claims per month.
  • Credit Saint offers a free consultation to evaluate your particular situation, and your credit scores from the three major bureaus and identify the next steps you should take.
  • Credit Saint also offers a score tracker to alert you to any changes in your credit report, and a 90-day money-back guarantee if you don’t see any changes in your credit history after three months.
  • To get the benefits of credit monitoring or financial tools, you’ll have to upgrade to their $100 or $120 per month packages. The Credit Pros offers personal finance tools FREE with all packages: schedule your FREE consultation today!
  • The company offers three credit repair packages: Credit Polish, Credit Remodel, and Clean Slate. These range in price from $79.99 per month to $119.99 per month. With the lowest cost package, Credit Polish, you get the following:
    • Up to 5 disputes per month
    • Goodwill letters
    • Credit score analysis
    • Credit score tracker

Sky Blue – Cheap Credit Repair Review

Minimum monthly fee: $79.00

Minimum work fee: $79.00


  • 90-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked
  • Couples discount available (50% off the monthly fee)


  • No monthly credit monitoring tools
  • No tools to help improve your financial situation
  • Limited monthly disputes for all packages


  • Sky Blue, a Cheap Credit Repair has a two-tier pricing model that allows you to take advantage of all its services for a flat rate of $79 a month, or $119 a month for couples (both married or unmarried partners).
  • Sky Blue Credit states that the credit repair process takes approximately six months to complete. They allow you to cancel anytime without a penalty, giving you a good guarantee.
  • Unfortunately, Sky Blue Credit is no longer registered with the Better Business Bureau. However, they had an A+ rating when they were a member.
  • Sky Blue credit offers to allow you to dispute up to 15 items (5 per credit bureau) every 35 days, giving a huge amount of disputes for a low-cost package.
  • They also provide 1-on-1 consultations, providing credit score improvement guidance, and credit rebuilding counseling. Sky Blue’s legal network provides debt validation and goodwill letters to creditors, as well, as giving g you a better chance to build your credit and remove negative items.

Ovation Credit Services – Cheap Credit Repair Review

  • Minimum monthly fee: $79.00
  • Minimum work fee: $89.00


  • Multiple available discounts
  • Cancel any time
  • Financial management tools available with both plans
  • Part of the LendingTree network
  • Cancel anytime


  • Credit monitoring only provided with Essential Plus
  • The phone-only application process, no online portal
  • No money-back guarantee


  • Ovation Credit Repair is known for offering a plethora of discounts for people in certain situations. You can get a 20% couples discount and they also offer 10% discounts for seniors and members of the military. They also offer a one-time credit of up to $50 if you switch from another credit repair agency or refer a friend, which is unlike the others on this list.
  • However, they do not offer a money-back guarantee.
  • Their lowest cost package for $79/month includes the following:
    • Personalized dispute options
    • A team of case advisors that will help you
    • Financial management tools such as debt repayment calculators
    • Credit education tools

Lexington Law – Cheap Credit Repair Review

Minimum Monthly Fee: $89.95

Minimum Work Fee: $14


  • Super low work fee
  • Financial management app available
  • Employs attorneys and paralegals
  • Free credit report consultation


  • Limited options for the lowest cost plans
  • Pending legal action from the CFPB
  • No satisfaction guarantee


  • Lexington Law is known for having some of the strongest legal teams out there because Lexington Law is a law firm that specializes in taking Fair Credit Reporting Act and Fair Debt Collections Practices Act cases.
  • Because the staff is mostly attorneys and paralegals, the company promises to explore every legal avenue to correct inaccuracies in your credit report.
  • Lexington Law provides a credit repair app and credit monitoring software to help clients improve their credit scores.
  • The one key difference is that Lexington Law has had its fair share of legal problems in the past for improper telemarketing practices. While ironic for a company that uses its legal expertise as a selling point, it’s important to mention.

How Does Credit Repair Work?

Cheap Credit repair companies understand that credit bureaus and creditors make mistakes far too often. As a result, millions of Americans have negative items on their credit reports due to clerical errors, improper reporting practices, and even fraud.

A cheap credit repair company takes a look at the client’s credit report and validates the items that are on the credit report. After doing so, they dispute the items that cannot be validated or are otherwise not supposed to be on the report.

This alone can see huge increases in the client’s score. However, it’s not the only way that credit repair companies improve the financial health of their clients. Why is The Credit Pros one of the best credit repair companies of 2021? Find out by learning more about our free credit consultation!

A good credit repair company will also provide consultation and tools to help the client improve their score in other ways. Budgeting tools, identity theft monitoring, and credit monitoring are other services that credit repair companies offer to help their clients improve their overall financial health.

What kind of credit report errors are you likely to see?

The Most Common Credit Report Errors

We live in an imperfect world. Yes, We surely make our fair share of mistakes, and credit bureaus are no different.

Likely, your creditors and credit reporting agencies are also making mistakes that are adversely and wrongfully hurting your credit score.

Of all the possibilities, here’s a look at some of the more common mistakes people might find hiding in their credit reports:

  • Credit accounts have wrongfully been assigned to your social security number
  • Legal actions like bankruptcy are erroneously assigned to you
  • Incorrect credit dates that create issues
  • Retired debts that should have been removed
  • Name and information misspellings that cause credit entries to wrongfully hit your credit accounts
  • Invalid or unverified debts
  • Credit inquiries that you did not authorize

What Do I Do About Credit Report Errors?

According to the Fair Credit Reporting Act and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, credit reporting agencies are not allowed to record erroneous entries.

However, we’ve found that they don’t know what is accurate and what is erroneous. For that reason, you are responsible for monitoring your credit report with a cheap credit repair service. 

However, you can get free credit reports once per year from each of the three credit bureaus. The Fair Credit Reporting Act gives every American the right to a free credit report once per year.

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Are There Other Ways To Improve My Credit?

To take full advantage of credit repair services, you need to understand the basics of how your score works. By understanding this, you can take the steps necessary to boost your credit and keep it sky-high.

How Your Credit Score Works

Your score is calculated based on a mix of factors. The exact formula is a secret, but FICO (the creators of the credit score) has provided some key information that can help you improve your score.

Your FICO score is based on these five factors:

  • Payment History
  • Amounts Owed
  • Length of credit history
  • Credit mix
  • New credit

Payment History: How to Improve Your Score

Payment history has a major hold on FICO Scores. It nearly holds 35% of your Credit Scores. If you have a history of making timely payments and paying your bills on time, you’ll have a higher credit score. If you have a history of being late, you’ll have a lower score.

If you’ve been late on payments, you can improve your payment history by paying your bills on time. The sooner you start making payments on time, the better your score will be.

You can improve your credit scores by repaying the debts and interests on or before the stipulated time. 

How Does Payment History Work?

Payment history is calculated by looking at your payment history over the last year. It looks at how often you’ve paid your bills (including your credit card balances), the amount you’ve paid each month, and how late you’ve been.

Amounts Owed: How to Improve Your Score

This is another major contribution to your credit score. It holds nearly 30% of your FICO Score which may bring considerable value to your score. If you have a high balance on a card, you can improve your payment history by paying your balances down. The sooner you pay down your balances, the better your score will be. If you have a large balance on a card, you’ll pay a higher interest rate. If you pay your balance every month, you’ll have a lower interest rate.

How Does Amounts Owed Work?

Amounts owed are calculated by taking the total amount you owe on all of your cards and dividing it by the number of cards you have.

Length of credit history: How to Improve Your Score

This is the third factor for your credit score. The credit score holds 15% of the credit history length. It’s calculated by looking at your credit history. The length of your credit history is calculated by looking at how long you’ve had credit. 

There is no secret to this: you simply need to keep your credit cards open and use them responsibly. This is something that gets better with time, so there’s nothing you need to do here.

How Does Length of Credit History Work?

Length of credit history is calculated by looking at the age of your overall credit history, as well as the average age of your credit accounts. If you’ve had a credit card for five years, you’ll have a longer credit history than someone who has had a card for a year.

Credit mix: How to Improve Your Score

The credit mix has a 10% share in credit scores. It’s calculated by looking at the types of credit you have. Instead, take out new types of loans over time. You may want a new car at some point; taking out an auto loan and paying it off over time will help your credit score. Or, you may decide to purchase a home: getting a mortgage will help as well.

How Does Credit Mix Work?

Credit mix is calculated by looking at the types of credit you have. If you have a lot of credit cards you use regularly, you’ll have a higher credit mix than someone who has a few credit cards they use occasionally.

New credit: How To Improve Your Score

This has a hold of 10% on credit scores. If you’ve recently taken out new loans or opened up new credit cards, the best way to improve your score is to wait for about a year before you take out more debt. A lot of new credit negatively impacts your score, so take out new loans and credit cards sparingly over your life. 

How Does New Credit Work?

New credit is calculated by looking at your new credit. If you’ve just opened a new credit card or just applied for a new loan, you’ll have a lower score than someone who’s been using credit for 

Hiring The Best Credit Repair Company

A lot of Americans do a poor job of monitoring their credit report. It’s only when they get rejected for credit or a job that they start showing interest. By the time they realize there’s an issue, they may have already been a victim.

If you want help cleaning up and monitoring your credit reports, you could benefit by enlisting the services of a good credit repair service.

For an affordable monthly fee, you can secure the services of a credit representative who adheres to the CROA that will go to work for you.

So how should you hire the best credit repair company? And what makes reputable credit repair companies different?

Assess The Fees

Credit repair companies don’t just have a monthly fee associated with them, they also have one-time work fees. These fees are used to cover the cost of writing and sending debt validation letters, goodwill letters, and sending disputes to the credit bureaus. They also cover the cost of sending credit report inquiries to the credit bureaus. Because these things have a cost, it’s generally expected that you will pay a fee for the initial setup.

Decide What Services You Need

Many credit repair companies offer similar services, with some offering way more than others.

Credit Pros offers a wide variety of services for a low monthly fee to help clients get their credit from poor or fair to excellent. Our goal is to provide guidance and services that will get our clients debt-free and on the road to financial recovery. We want our customers to improve their credit, and unlike other credit repair companies, we offer the tools that can help you manage your finances.

Look At Their Guarantee

A reputable credit repair provider offers a powerful guarantee. The Credit Pros and other companies offer a 90-day money-back guarantee.

This is because not everyone is going to be successful in removing things from their credit report, but the vast majority of people will. So, to prevent people from being unsatisfied with our services, we provide a full refund to those who do not see the results they wanted in 90 days.

Look At The Reviews

Ratings such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB) scores and Yelp reviews are a good indicator of what you’re looking at with a credit repair company. Companies with good reviews are usually better options than ones with many bad reviews, however, there are some things to consider. The BBB is a for-profit organization and requires companies to pay for membership.

If you see bad reviews that all say similar things, such as not honoring guarantees or not providing good customer service, then you may want to stay away from that company.

Is credit repair legal?

Credit repair is the process of rebuilding damaged credit history. It should reach a higher credit score over time.

No one can steal your information or give negative information from your credit report if it is accurate. You can dispute negative information and have it removed from your credit report.

What Do The Best Credit Repair Companies Do?

The best credit repair companies will work with you, creditors and the three major credit bureaus to improve your credit score and remove bad items from your credit report.

Their first objective will be to coordinate efforts between you, your creditors, and the credit reporting agencies to find potential errors.

Once an error has been identified, the credit reporting agencies will need to acknowledge the error(s) and make the necessary adjustments.

These adjustments should result in an increased credit score and a cleaner credit report.

Your credit is very important, so it is better if you review your credit reports regularly. It makes sure the information they contain is correct. You can hire a professional firm to help you repair your credit

We Write An Article On How Can Credit Repair Companies Easily Solve Credit Problems?

FAQs about Cheap Credit Repair

What is credit repair?

Credit repair is the process used to improve credit scores and remove negative items from credit reports. Credit repair companies specialize in negotiating with creditors and the three credit bureaus to help people pay off their debt and make sure that their rights as credit holders are protected. Using a credit repair company can help get negative items off your report.

How can I repair my credit score?

To repair credit, you will need to take a look at your credit report and see if there are any items you don’t recognize. These items may be mistakes, clerical errors, or evidence of identity fraud.

If you want to repair your credit, you’ll need to dispute these errors to have the three credit bureaus remove them from your report. To do so, get your free credit report from

There are other ways you can repair your credit score, as well. If you have collections items on your credit report, you may be able to get them removed by negotiating with the collection agency.

Why should I hire a legitimate credit repair company?

Legitimate credit repair companies can help you remove mistakes from your credit report and can even help you deal with creditors who may want to collect.

A reputable credit repair company will offer a free consultation and a 30 to the 90-day money-back guarantee. Credit repair companies guarantee that they will work with you and do whatever it takes to improve your credit score.

For this reason, find a credit repair company that promises to improve your credit or your money back.

Why is credit repair worth it?

Think of it this way. If your credit score is artificially too low and you apply for a credit card, you might get approval but at an APR that’s higher than it should be.

With a couple of fixes to your credit, it might raise your credit score enough to lower your assigned APR by as much as a few percentage points.

With that kind of savings, you might well be able to offset the monthly fees from your credit repair service.

What do I do to keep a good credit score?

After your credit reports are clean and accurate, you need to take steps to keep them that way. Here are some things you can do.

    • Commit to making all your payments on time every month. Missing payments is one of the worst things you can do for your credit score.
    • Work with your creditors to help you pay down your debt. Your credit score is also determined by how much debt you have, so reducing your debt is important.
    • Snowball your credit card debt. This method has you paying down your smallest balances, then committing the money you were paying toward those balances toward the next smallest balance. We wrote an article on how to snowball your credit card debt!
    • Avoid taking out new credit cards until your credit card debt is paid off. New credit cards can harm your credit score in the short term.
    • Invest in credit monitoring services. Each month, they will run your reports, address potential issues with you, and continue to work towards making sure your reports are error-free.

How much does credit repair cost?

The best credit repair services offer transparent pricing and an affordable monthly fee.

The Credit Pros offers credit repair services for as little as $69/month! If you want to fix your credit, using an affordable credit repair agency like The Credit Pros will help. Schedule a free consultation with The Credit Pros today and improve your financial future!


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