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Who is 8005860286 and why are they calling me?

  • Phone number 8005860286 is likely a debt collector called:' Wakefield & Associates'.
  • Your credit score likely dropped because this is potentially a debt collection on your report.
  • Call 1(888)-488-5855 and learn how we can help you potentially improve your score.
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Wakefield & Associates probably owns an outstanding debt of yours, and they’re now relentless in trying to collect it. Whether they use an intermediary company or constantly spam you with calls, it’s clear they want to get your attention. Blocking or ignoring the number 800-586-0286 might give you short-term peace, but it won't fix the root issue. Addressing the debt directly is the best way to stop the harassment.

The best step is to contact The Credit Pros at the number above. We'll chat without any pressure, review your entire 3-bureau credit report, and determine if this debt collector is legit. We've helped countless people remove potentially inaccurate negative items from their reports, improving their credit scores and overall financial security. Take action today to protect your financial well-being and end those harassing calls for good!

Who Is 8005860286: Scam Or Legitimate?

The number 800-586-0286 is linked to Wakefield & Associates, a debt collection agency. However, even if this number represents a legitimate collector, you should still be cautious. You shouldn't engage directly with any caller. You are not required to pay immediately if you are uncertain about your debt.

Here's what we advise you to do:

- Check Your Credit Report: Pull your credit report and look for any negative or inaccurate items.
- Verify the Debt: Request written confirmation and more details about the debt from the caller.
- Avoid Sharing Personal Information: Never provide personal details until you confirm the caller's legitimacy.
- Contact The Credit Pros: We can help you verify the debt, dispute inaccuracies, and improve your financial situation.

Remember, even if the call is legitimate from Wakefield & Associates, your steps remain the same. Verify first, then proceed. Don’t let threats pressure you into quick payments.

To sum up, ensure you verify the debt first, check your credit report for any inaccuracies, avoid sharing personal information, and contact a credit repair company like The Credit Pros for assistance. We're here to help you handle this matter securely and appropriately.

How Do I Stop 8005860286 From Harassing Me (How To Report Them)?

To stop 8005860286 from harassing you, start by documenting all unwanted interactions with dates, times, and any abusive language. You should register your number at DoNotCall.gov and block the number through your phone’s call-blocking feature or contact your service provider for help. If the harassment persists, consider more drastic measures:

- Send a Cease and Desist Letter: Use the template at eforms.com/cease-and-desist.
- File a Complaint with the FCC: Report illegal robocalls, spoofing, or other unwanted calls at fcc.gov/complaints.
- Report to the FTC: Report telemarketing calls or Do Not Call Registry violations at ReportFraud.ftc.gov.
- Contact CFPB: Report the harassment online at consumerfinance.gov/complaint or call (855) 411-2372 for assistance in multiple languages.

You can also use call-blocking apps like 'Call Blocker - Stop spam calls' on Android or 'Robokiller: Spam Call Blocker' on Apple devices. If Wakefield & Associates continues to pester you, you might want to hire a harassment lawyer or consider a restraining order for severe cases. Remember to keep all records and interactions detailed, as this will support any complaint or legal action you decide to take.

To wrap things up, make sure you document interactions, use call-blocking features, and report to necessary authorities. Empower yourself with these steps to stop 8005860286 from harassing you.

Stop the harassment today. Reach out to us for expert help. Call (888) 488-5855

Should I Block Or Ignore 8005860286?

You should block 800-586-0286. Blocking this number completely prevents calls and messages, reducing stress and preventing harassment. If you ignore the number, you might still receive calls and messages without notifications, which can be bothersome.

Blocking this number won't harm your credit score. If it's a debt collector like Wakefield & Associates, blocking them won't make your credit score worse. Ignoring or blocking calls won't impact your credit score if the debt is already on your report.

If the debt is legitimate but you believe it's inaccurate, work with a reputable credit repair company. They can help you sort out errors on your credit report. You can block the number while you resolve the issue.

- Block the number to stop calls and messages completely.
- Ignoring might still let calls come through without notifications.
- Blocking won't affect your credit score.
- Consider professional help if you believe the debt is inaccurate.

In the end, block 800-586-0286 to avoid harassment, and consult a credit repair company if you need help with inaccuracies on your credit report. You got this!

Can A Debt Collector Like 8005860286 Sue Me?

Yes, a debt collector like 8005860286 can sue you, but it’s very unlikely. They typically only resort to lawsuits when the debt amount is substantial, usually over $5,000. Suing involves proving you owe the debt, the amount is correct, and they have the legal right to sue. This can be challenging, especially if your debt has been sold multiple times.

Debt collectors often prefer less costly methods, like calls and letters. Additionally, if your debt is old, it might be beyond the statute of limitations in your state, which means they can’t legally sue you.

If they decide to sue, you will receive a court summons. It’s crucial you respond to avoid a default judgment, which could lead to wage garnishment or bank account levies. You have rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) to protect against abusive practices.

As a final point, if you receive a lawsuit, consider consulting an attorney to understand your options and remember that lawsuits are uncommon and come with legal protections for you.

Worried about legal action? Call now to understand your rights. Call (888) 488-5855

Professionals can help you with your score

Let Professionals help you find and dispute potentially inaccurate negative items hurting your score

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8005860286 Might Have Your Personal Information

The number 8005860286 might have your personal information due to its association with spam or scam calls, likely from debt collectors like Wakefield & Associates. Here’s what you should do:

- Don't provide any information: If you pick up the call, do not give out any personal information. Scammers often use these calls to gather details that can be used for identity theft.
- Avoid answering the call: It's best not to answer calls from numbers you don't recognize. These calls can be persistent and may try to scare you into providing information.
- Block the number: Blocking the number helps prevent future calls. Most smartphones have options to block specific numbers.
- Obtain your 3-bureau credit report: Check your credit report from all three major credit bureaus (Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion) to spot any unusual activity or inaccuracies.
- Work with reputable credit repair services: A professional credit repair company like The Credit Pros can assist you in addressing any credit issues, disputing inaccuracies, and creating a plan to improve your credit. They have the expertise to handle such matters effectively.

Bringing it all together, it's crucial that you block calls from 8005860286, avoid sharing personal information, obtain your credit reports, and consider working with a credit repair service to protect your personal information and improve your credit.

Protect your personal information. Speak with our experts today. Call (888) 488-5855

Types Of Debt Collected By 8005860286

The types of debt collected by 8005860286 include unpaid loans, credit card debts, medical bills, utility bills, auto loans, cell phone bills, and other services. They typically collect on debts that original creditors have charged off and sold to them.

You should know that these debts can come from various creditors, though specific brands or companies are not mentioned. If they contact you, remember they can be collecting on an array of unpaid financial obligations.

All things considered, having unpaid loans, credit card debts, or even utility bills can result in a call from 8005860286, so it's crucial that you address any outstanding debts to avoid disruptions and manage your financial situation effectively.

How Do I Check If I Owe Money To 8005860286?

To check if you owe money to 800-586-0286, first gather all your records. This includes final bills, account statements, and equipment return receipts. Look through these documents for any outstanding debts.

Next, check your credit report for any entries related to this debt. You can get a free credit report annually from each of the three major credit reporting agencies at AnnualCreditReport.com.

If a debt is listed, contact the collections agency and request debt validation. They must provide proof that you owe the money. Make sure to send your request in writing within 30 days of being contacted and use certified mail to keep a record. If they fail to validate the debt, they must stop contacting you.

- If the debt is not on your credit report, or if you believe the debt is inaccurate, dispute it.
- Write to the collections agency stating you do not owe the debt and request they verify this with the original creditor.
- Do not engage with the collector directly by phone, as this could restart the statute of limitations on the debt.
- Be aware that if the collector violates your rights, such as threatening you or calling you at odd hours, you should report them.

If you feel overwhelmed or face harassment, consider consulting a consumer protection lawyer. Gather as much documentation as you can before reaching out to the collections agency.

Lastly, by being proactive and organized, you can handle this situation efficiently and reduce stress.

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Which Debt Collection Laws And Regulations Protect Me From 8005860286

If you’re dealing with debt collectors calling from 800-586-0286, which we've tied to Wakefield & Associates, you are protected by several laws and regulations.

First, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) is the main federal law that sets strict rules for how debt collectors can operate. Under the FDCPA, debt collectors cannot:

- Contact you before 8 AM or after 9 PM.
- Call you at work if you've told them your employer doesn’t allow such calls.
- Use abusive, obscene, or threatening language.
- Harass you by calling repeatedly.
- Falsely claim to be lawyers or government officials.
- Disclose your debt to third parties like friends or coworkers.
- Demand payments exceeding what you legally owe.

Additionally, debt collectors must provide a validation notice within five days of their initial contact. This notice should include the amount of debt, the creditor's name, and your rights to dispute the debt. If you dispute the debt in writing within 30 days, collection efforts must pause until they provide verification of the debt.

You can also ask them in writing to stop contacting you except for specific reasons, like informing you of a lawsuit. If you have a lawyer, they must communicate only with your lawyer.

Beyond federal protections, many states have laws that offer additional safeguards. For instance, New York requires debt collectors to be licensed. Check your state attorney general’s office for specifics on state laws that apply to you.

If a debt collector violates these rules, you can report them to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) or file a lawsuit within one year of the violation. You may recover actual damages and receive up to $1,000 in statutory damages plus attorney fees.

Finally, remember you have laws on your side to prevent unfair practices and protect your rights when dealing with debt collectors. If you experience any violations, take action by contacting the CFPB, your state attorney general, or consider consulting with a legal professional.

Professionals can help you with your score

Let Professionals help you find and dispute potentially inaccurate negative items hurting your score

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Does 8005860286/Wakefield & Associates Have Any Lawsuits Against Them?

Yes, Wakefield & Associates has faced several lawsuits.

1. NIKKEL v. WAKEFIELD & ASSOCIATES, INC. (2012) in the United States District Court, District of Colorado.
2. TANNER v. THOMASON LAW FIRM, PC AND WAKEFIELD & ASSOCIATES, INC. (2011) in the United States District Court, District of New Mexico.
3. SOWERS v. WAKEFIELD & ASSOCIATES (2010) in the United States District Court, District of Colorado.

Additionally, they were part of a class action settlement in 2023 concerning debt collection lawsuits with invalid affidavits of assignment of debt.

Wakefield & Associates has over 900 complaints on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and more than 2,500 on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) website, mostly regarding incorrect amounts or debts not owed. Some consumers also reported improper threats regarding non-payment consequences.

You need to be aware of your rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).

In closing, Wakefield & Associates has been involved in numerous lawsuits and complaints. It is crucial that you understand your rights and take necessary actions if you encounter any issues.

What Do People Online Say About 8005860286?

People online have shared various experiences about calls from the number 800-586-0286. Here's what they say:

- "Foreign lady left a voicemail saying they are calling from Wake Field and Associates to collect debt. Interesting considering I no longer have a debt through them."
- "Caller claimed to be a debt collector. She spoke with a southern US accent. I don't believe that this is a legitimate debt collection call."
- "Fake phantom debt collection scam by criminals phoning from the Philippines."
- "They call multiple times but do not say who they are calling for and it is quite annoying."
- "They threaten to call Indianapolis police on me."
- "Received a call on 4-22 asking for me by name and saying it was a recorded line. Calling about a debt."
- "Foreign accent. Said they were a debt collector. Said I didn't pay a $300+ doctor bill. I called the doctor directly and no one in the family owes any money."

Users are skeptical about the legitimacy of these calls, often questioning whether they are real debt collectors or scammers. Many describe these calls as repetitive and annoying, with some reporting threatening language, such as calls to the police. Additionally, there are frequent requests for personal information, raising red flags about potential scams.

Overall, these online experiences highlight skepticism, annoyance, and potential scams related to calls from 800-586-0286. If you receive calls from this number, be cautious and protect your personal information.

Do I Really Need To Remove 8005860286 From My Credit Report?

You really need to remove 8005860286 from your credit report if you've found it and it's inaccurate. First, consider reaching out to a reputable credit repair company like The Credit Pros instead of a typical, often deceptive credit repair company.

Here's why you need to take action:

- Disputing alone takes a lot of your time and effort.
- A reputable company can handle this efficiently, saving you hours of stress.
- They can help you file a debt validation letter or dispute inaccuracies to remove the collection from your report.

You should start by reviewing your credit reports and filing disputes promptly. When the records are inaccurate, the collection agency must stop contacting you and remove the account from your credit report.

As a final point, review your reports, dispute inaccuracies, and consider professional help to ensure smooth and efficient removal of the collection.

Wondering if you should remove this number from your report? Speak with us to find out. Call (888) 488-5855

Here are other formats 8005860286 can be written

- +1 800-586-0286
- +1 (800) 586-0286
- +1 800 586 0286
- (800) 586-0286
- 800-586-0286
- 800.586.0286
- 800 586 0286
- +18005860286
- (800) 586-0286
- 800.586.0286
- 8005860286

Professionals can help you with your score

Let Professionals help you find and dispute potentially inaccurate negative items hurting your score

Call (888) 488-5855

List of every other phone number that Wakefield & Associates uses:

Every number you see below is separate number that ‘Collection’ uses to attempt to collect a potentially inaccurate debt on your credit report and/or spam you.

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