How Long Can Bad Debt Damage My Credit Report?

Credit Report

Your credit reports are tools, tools which are routinely used by lenders, banks, creditors, and collection agencies (among many others). Do you wonder how long can bad debt damage my credit report? Naturally, credit reports are tools which are used to review applications for financing and to help companies decide whom they do and do […]

Rebuilding Credit After Bankruptcy

If you have ever made the decision to file for bankruptcy, you likely did not do so lightly. While bankruptcy has the ability to protect you financially, it is also well known that filing for bankruptcy can cause serious damage to your credit scores. As a result, bankruptcy is typically best reserved for only the […]

Universal Default

Credit cards represent a wonderful tool to help you build good credit, but only when they are used properly. Improperly managed credit cards can actually lead to a lot of credit and financial problems including lower credit scores and out-of-control, stressful debt. For this reason our team of credit professionals recommends that you keep your […]

Does Credit Matter If I’m Not Applying for a Loan?

Does Credit Matter If I’m Not Applying for a Loan? “Why do I need to worry about my credit if I am not planning to apply for a loan?” The previous question represents a growing sentiment amongst consumers – the idea that living a life unaffected by credit is not only possible, but something for […]

Do Prepaid Credit Cards Influence Credit Scores?

Do you find yourself confused about how the many different types of plastic in your wallet might be impacting your credit scores? If so, you are most certainly not alone. While the different plastic cards you carry around with you may all look alike and may behave similarly (at least on the surface), the ability […]