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Who is 8002763612 (+ how are they hurting my credit score)

  • Phone number 8002763612 is likely a debt collector called:' Midland Credit Management (MCM)'.
  • Your credit score likely dropped because this is potentially a debt collection on your report.
  • Call 1(888)-488-5855 and learn how we can help you potentially improve your score.
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If 800-276-3612 keeps ringing your phone, Midland Credit Management (MCM) is probably behind it. They’re a legitimate debt collector, but scammers might also mimic their number, which could harm your credit score if you ignore or mishandle it.

When a debt collector calls, it means MCM bought your outstanding debt and wants to collect it, often through persistent calls. Blocking the number can bring temporary peace but won’t fix the root issue. Ignoring these calls could make things worse, potentially leading to lawsuits or even more significant credit damage.

Call The Credit Pros at 800-276-3612. We’ll review your 3-bureau credit report, confirm if it’s truly MCM, and help remove any potentially inaccurate items. Many people like you have seen their credit scores rise and their financial peace restored. Let’s stop the harassment and improve your financial situation together!

Who Is 8002763612: Scam Or Legitimate

The phone number 800-276-3612 is reportedly associated with Midland Credit Management (MCM), a debt collection agency. However, scammers may also use this number to impersonate debt collectors and trick you into paying fake debts or disclosing personal information.

You should avoid engaging with calls from this number. If you have doubts about the debt, do not pay immediately. Instead, pull your credit report and check for any potentially inaccurate negative items. Verify if the supposed debt is listed. If it appears on your credit report, it's likely a legitimate call but still not worth engaging directly.

We suggest:
• Blocking the number to avoid further contact.
• Getting a free 3-bureau credit report evaluation from us to check for inaccuracies.
• Contacting us for help in verifying the debt and disputing any inaccurate negative items on your report.

To sum up, block the number, verify your credit report, and contact us for assistance in handling any suspicious debt notifications. Stay cautious and informed.

How Do I Stop 8002763612 From Harassing Me (How To Report Them)

To stop 8002763612 from harassing you, document each call noting the date, time, and what was said. Add your number to the Do Not Call Registry and block the number on your phone. Contact your phone service provider for more blocking options.

You can also try additional methods:
- Restraining Order: Obtain a legal order to prevent the harasser from contacting you.
- Harassment Lawyer: Consult a lawyer to guide you through legal actions.
- Cease and Desist Letter: Use a template from eforms.com to send a letter.

Call-blocking apps can help:
- Android: 'Call Blocker - Stop spam calls.'
- Apple: 'Robokiller: Spam Call Blocker.'

To report the harassment, file a complaint with:
- Federal Communications Commission (FCC): fcc.gov/complaints
- Federal Trade Commission (FTC): ReportFraud.ftc.gov or DoNotCall.gov
- CFPB: File online at consumerfinance.gov/complaint, call (855) 411-2372, or mail them.

Also, check with your phone carrier and local or state consumer protection offices for more help and resources.

To wrap things up - remember to document calls, block the number, use additional resources like a lawyer or cease and desist letter, and report the harassment to the FCC, FTC, and CFPB for the best chance of stopping and holding 8002763612 accountable.

Stop the harassment today. Reach out to us for expert help. Call (888) 488-5855

Should I Block Or Ignore 8002763612

You should block the number 8002763612. Ignoring or blocking calls from this number, which could be linked to Midland Credit Management, won't hurt your credit score. Blocking these calls can reduce stress and prevent harassment, especially if they're from aggressive debt collectors.

Consider working with a reputable credit repair company. They can help address any inaccuracies or disputes on your credit report. Remember, blocking the call won't cause your credit score to drop further. If the debt is already on your report, ignoring the calls can't do more damage.

In the end, block 8002763612 to reduce stress and harassment, and seek help from a reputable credit repair company to handle any report inaccuracies.

Can A Debt Collector Like 8002763612 Sue Me

Yes, a debt collector like 8002763612 can sue you. However, it's generally a last resort, especially for substantial amounts over $5,000. Suing can be costly and time-consuming for them, making settlement out of court more appealing.

Debt collectors must prove you owe the debt, the amount is accurate, and they have the right to sue. This gets tricky if the debt has changed hands multiple times. Additionally, each state has a statute of limitations, meaning if the debt is too old, a lawsuit is less likely.

Typically, debt collectors prefer to call and send letters to resolve the debt. If they decide to sue, you will get a court summons and complaint, which you must respond to within the deadline to avoid a default judgment. Failure to respond could lead to wage garnishment or bank account levies, though this is rare.

You have rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) to protect you from abusive practices. If you're sued, consider consulting an attorney to explore your options and potential defenses.

As a final point, remember that while suing is possible, it’s not common. Always know your rights, respond to any legal notices, and consult a lawyer if necessary.

Worried about legal action? Call now to understand your rights. Call (888) 488-5855

Professionals can help you with your score

Let Professionals help you find and dispute potentially inaccurate negative items hurting your score

Call (888) 488-5855

8002763612 Might Have Your Personal Information

If you get a call from 8002763612, don’t provide any personal information. It’s better if you don't answer the call at all, as interacting with debt collectors can be stressful. Instead, get your 3-bureau credit report to understand your credit situation clearly. This helps you detect any errors or potential identity theft. Working with a reputable credit repair company, like The Credit Pros, can assist you in improving your credit score. They can help you dispute inaccuracies and develop a comprehensive plan to manage your credit effectively.

• Don’t give any info to debt collectors.
• Preferably, don’t pick up their calls.
• Get your 3-bureau report and make a plan.
• Work with a reputable credit repair company.

Bringing it all together-avoid giving personal information to 8002763612, get your 3-bureau credit report, and partner with a credit repair company to protect and improve your credit score.

Protect your personal information. Speak with our experts today. Call (888) 488-5855

Types Of Debt Collected By 8002763612

8002763612 is likely from Midland Credit Management (MCM), collecting different types of debt, especially personal, family, and household debts. They collect debts like credit cards, medical bills, personal loans, and utility bills. MCM often buys these debts from original creditors who couldn’t collect the money owed.

When contacted by MCM, it’s usually on behalf of various creditors, though we won’t name specific brands. Understanding this can help you navigate their contact more effectively.

All things considered, knowing that 8002763612 likely represents Midland Credit Management, handling a range of personal and household debts, can help you manage their calls and take informed steps.

How Do I Check If I Owe Money To 8002763612

First, you should not contact 8002763612 directly to avoid potentially restarting the statute of limitations on old debts. Instead, check your own records for final bills, account statements, or equipment return receipts.

You can start by checking your credit reports from all three major credit bureaus (Experian, TransUnion, Equifax) at AnnualCreditReport.com. This might list any debt associated with that number.

• Review your credit reports for free at AnnualCreditReport.com and look for any collection items related to 8002763612.
• If you received any letters, verify their legitimacy through online searches and contact those companies directly, but don't call 8002763612.
• If the debt appears on your credit report, request debt validation from the agency.

If you face harassment over disputed debts, consider consulting a consumer protection lawyer. Gather all documentation from your records and credit reports before dealing with further steps to prevent inaccurate collection efforts from affecting your credit.

Lastly, make sure you validate any debt by checking your credit reports and contacting the right companies directly for legitimacy, so you handle the situation with clarity and confidence.

Need to verify your debts? Contact us for a thorough check. Call (888) 488-5855

Which Debt Collection Laws And Regulations Protect Me From 8002763612

You are protected from unfair debt collection practices by several laws and regulations. The main one is the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) in the United States. This federal law stops third-party debt collectors from using abusive, deceptive, or unfair practices. It covers personal, family, and household debts but not business debts.

Under the FDCPA, debt collectors:

• Can't contact you before 8 AM or after 9 PM.
• Can't call you at work if your employer doesn't allow it.
• Aren't allowed to use abusive language or make threats.
• Can't repeatedly call just to harass you.
• Must not falsely present themselves as lawyers or government agents.
• Must not discuss your debt with anyone else.

They must provide you with a written validation notice with details about the debt and your rights to dispute it. If you dispute the debt in writing within 30 days, they must verify it before continuing collection efforts.

You can also take practical steps to protect yourself:

• Demand in writing that they stop contacting you.
• If you have an attorney, tell the collectors to communicate only with the lawyer.
• Report any violations to the FTC, CFPB, or your state attorney general.
• You can sue for FDCPA violations within one year to recover damages.

Some states offer extra protections. For example, New York has strict licensing rules for debt collectors. The federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) gives you the right to dispute inaccurate debt information on your credit report.

Finally, by understanding and using these laws and protections, you can handle debt collection calls confidently and stop unfair practices.

Professionals can help you with your score

Let Professionals help you find and dispute potentially inaccurate negative items hurting your score

Call (888) 488-5855

Does 8002763612/Midland Credit Management (Mcm) Have Any Lawsuits Against Them

Yes, Midland Credit Management (MCM) does have several lawsuits against them.

1. Midland Credit Management, Inc. v. Elizabeth Rios:
- MCM sought a default judgment for a debt.
- The court dismissed the case as MCM failed to provide a reasonable excuse for delays.

2. General Lawsuits:
- MCM files thousands of debt collection lawsuits each year against consumers.
- They hire local collection attorneys and use 'business record affidavits' for evidence.

• Better Business Bureau (BBB): Numerous complaints about aggressive debt collection practices.
• Consumer Feedback: Reports of non-stop calls and letters about debt collections, often leading to lawsuits.
• Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) Violations: Issues with harassing phone calls, calls at odd hours, and threats.
• Litigation Practices: Claims that MCM files many lawsuits hoping for default judgments due to non-response from defendants.

If you receive a lawsuit notice from MCM, you should respond promptly to avoid default judgments.

In closing, you should be aware that Midland Credit Management has faced multiple lawsuits and complaints related to their debt collection practices. If you get a lawsuit notice, make sure to respond to avoid further complications.

What Do People Online Say About 8002763612

People online have a lot to say about the phone number 800-276-3612, and most of it isn’t good.

One Reddit user, 'gr8life_primavera,' mentioned getting repeated calls with no messages left, describing them as annoying and persistent. Another victim from IL shared their experience of multiple hang-up calls and unhelpful responses when they tried to call back. This user stated they were asked if they were 'Jan' and encountered evasive behavior, leading them to believe it was a scam.

On numerostelefono.com, multiple numbers in the 800-276- block are reported for suspicious activities and potential fraud attempts. Users on Clever Dialer have marked calls from this number as “Spam” or related to “Debt collection agency” and “Phishing.”

Overall, you should be cautious with calls from 800-276-3612. Reports indicate it might be linked to spam or scams, so it’s best to avoid engaging directly and consider blocking the number to stop the annoyance.

Do I Really Need To Remove 8002763612 From My Credit Report

Yes, you should definitely consider removing 8002763612 from your credit report if it shows up and you believe it’s inaccurate. This can help improve your credit score, but you must first verify if it’s truly incorrect.

Doing this on your own can be very time-consuming and stressful. Instead, we advise you to reach out to a reputable credit repair company, like The Credit Pros. They can handle the dispute process efficiently and save you significant effort. Be cautious with typical credit repair companies, as some might not do a good job or could be deceptive. It's important that you stick with trusted names to effectively resolve the issue.

As a final point, ensure you verify the inaccuracy, contact a reputable credit repair company, and stick with names you trust to get it resolved efficiently.

Wondering if you should remove this number from your report? Speak with us to find out. Call (888) 488-5855

Here are other formats 8002763612 can be written

- +1 800-276-3612
- +1 (800) 276-3612
- +1 800 276 3612
- (800) 276-3612
- 800-276-3612
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- +18002763612
- (800) 276-3612
- 800.276.3612
- 8002763612

Professionals can help you with your score

Let Professionals help you find and dispute potentially inaccurate negative items hurting your score

Call (888) 488-5855

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