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Who is 7132581606 (+ how are they hurting my credit score)

  • Phone number 7132581606 is likely a debt collector called:' Portfolio Recovery Associates'.
  • Your credit score likely dropped because this is potentially a debt collection on your report.
  • Call 1(888)-488-5855 and learn how we can help you potentially improve your score.
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If you’re getting calls from 7132581606, it’s likely a debt collector, possibly Portfolio Recovery Associates. These calls could also be spam or scams that might impact your credit score. Verify the legitimacy before sharing personal info or making any payments.

If it's a debt collector, they’re likely trying to recover an outstanding debt they purchased. Ignoring or blocking the number might give temporary relief, but it doesn’t solve the underlying issue. Handle this situation properly to avoid further complications.

Call The Credit Pros at the number above for a no-pressure discussion about your credit report. We’ll determine if 7132581606 is a legitimate debt collector and help address other negative items on your report. We’ve successfully assisted many others in your situation, leading to resolved issues, a boosted credit score, and no more harassing calls. Address this now to improve your financial health.

Who Is 7132581606: Scam Or Legitimate

The number 7132581606 is tied to Portfolio Recovery Associates, a debt collection agency. However, be cautious as scammers often pose as debt collectors to trick you into sharing personal information or making payments.

Here’s what you should do if you receive such a call:

1. Don't engage: You should not provide any personal information or make any payment over the phone.
2. Verify the debt: You don't need to settle the debt immediately. Check your credit report for any unknown or suspicious items.
3. Get help: Contact us at The Credit Pros for a free 3-bureau credit report evaluation. We can help you verify if the debt is legitimate and dispute any inaccurate negative items.

You should always pull your credit report and analyze it thoroughly. If you find negative items, we can help you address them and improve your financial situation.

To sum up, whether the call is legitimate or a scam, verify the debt, avoid sharing personal information, and seek assistance to manage any suspicious items on your credit report. Stay cautious and take control of your financial health with informed steps.

How Do I Stop 7132581606 From Harassing Me (How To Report Them)

To stop 7132581606 from harassing you and to report them, follow these steps:

First, document every unwanted interaction with this number. Note down the dates, times, and any abusive language used. Keeping a detailed log will be useful if further action is needed.

Next, register your number on the Do Not Call Registry at DoNotCall.gov. This will help reduce the frequency of these harassing calls.

You should block the number using your phone’s call-blocking feature. Alternatively, try apps like 'Call Blocker - Stop spam calls' (Android) or 'Robokiller: Spam Call Blocker' (Apple) to block these calls.

File a complaint with the FCC if it’s an illegal robocall or spoofing. Visit fcc.gov/complaints, select 'unwanted calls,' and provide details about the number, date, and time of the calls.

You can also report to the FTC for telemarketing calls or violations of the Do Not Call Registry. Simply go to ReportFraud.ftc.gov or use DoNotCall.gov for general unwanted calls.

Consult your phone provider, as they might offer additional call-blocking options or other support. Sending a cease and desist letter can also be effective. Use the template from eforms.com/cease-and-desist.

For more robust protection, use services like Nomorobo to block robocalls. If the calls become severe or threatening, contact your local authorities or dial 911.

To wrap things up, ensure you document every call, register on the Do Not Call Registry, block the number, and report the harassment to both the FCC and FTC. These steps will help you stop the unwanted calls and protect your peace of mind.

Stop the harassment today. Reach out to us for expert help. Call (888) 488-5855

Should I Block Or Ignore 7132581606

You should block 7132581606. By blocking the number, you ensure you won't receive any more calls or messages from them. If this number belongs to a debt collector and they are harassing you, blocking is definitely the smart move.

You should also verify if this number is tied to a debt collection. If so, consider working with a reliable credit repair company to address any potentially inaccurate negative items on your credit report. Blocking the number won't affect your credit score, as it can't hurt your score more than it already has if it's already listed.

Key actions:
• Block the number to stop calls and messages.
• Identify if the caller is a debt collector.
• Seek help from a reputable credit repair company if needed.
• Remember, blocking won't impact your credit score.

In the end, blocking 7132581606 is a proactive step. It stops the calls and messages, helps you manage stress, and gets you back in control.

Can A Debt Collector Like 7132581606 Sue Me

Yes, a debt collector like 7132581606 can sue you, but it's quite unlikely. Debt collectors often see lawsuits as a last resort because of the high costs and effort involved. They must prove you owe the debt, that the amount is accurate, and that they have the legal right to sue you, which is challenging if the debt has been transferred multiple times.

Usually, debt collectors prefer using calls and letters to recover the debt. They typically only sue if the debt is substantial, generally over $5,000, making it worth their time and expense. Remember, there's a statute of limitations on debts that varies by state, preventing them from legally suing you after a specific time period.

If you do get sued, expect a court summons and make sure you respond by the deadline to avoid a default judgment, which could lead to wage garnishment or bank account levies. Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), you have rights that protect you from abusive practices. If you're sued, consulting a lawyer can help you understand your options and defenses.

As a final point, remember that while a debt collector like 7132581606 can sue you, it's rare. Keep an eye on statutes of limitations, respond promptly to any court summons, and consider seeking legal help to protect your rights.

Worried about legal action? Call now to understand your rights. Call (888) 488-5855

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Let Professionals help you find and dispute potentially inaccurate negative items hurting your score

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7132581606 Might Have Your Personal Information

7132581606 might have your personal information. It's likely a call from Portfolio Recovery Associates, and you should avoid sharing any details with them.

Instead of picking up their calls, we advise you to ignore them entirely. Engaging with debt collectors can lead to more persistent contact, making your situation more stressful.

Here’s what you can do:

• Obtain your 3-bureau credit report to understand your financial standing.
• Identify inaccuracies and disputes on your credit report.
• Work with a reputable credit repair company to manage these issues effectively.

Bringing it all together - block these calls, review your credit report, and collaborate with a trusted credit repair company to regain control over your financial situation.

Protect your personal information. Speak with our experts today. Call (888) 488-5855

Types Of Debt Collected By 7132581606

7132581606 is associated with Portfolio Recovery Associates, a company that collects various types of debt. They primarily recover debts like past-due credit card balances, personal loans, medical bills, and utility debts. These debts are often purchased from original creditors such as banks, healthcare providers, and loan companies.

If you receive a call from this number, it's important that you verify any debt claims. Scammers frequently impersonate legitimate debt collectors, so always confirm the legitimacy of the claims.

All things considered, understanding that 7132581606 typically deals with collecting debts from sources like credit cards and medical bills helps you stay informed and cautious. Always verify claims and protect yourself from potential scams.

How Do I Check If I Owe Money To 7132581606

To check if you owe money to 7132581606, follow these steps:

First, do not contact the number directly. This can restart the statute of limitations on old debts. Instead, start by checking your own records. Look through final bills, account statements, or equipment return receipts for any indications of money owed.

Next, review your credit report from all three major credit bureaus (Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion) to see if any debt associated with this number is listed. If you find a debt, send a written request to the debt collector asking for validation. This ensures the debt is legitimate and belongs to you.

If you face harassment or disputes regarding this debt, consult a consumer protection lawyer for assistance. Finally, gather as much documentation as you can before taking further steps to avoid inaccurate collection efforts.

Lastly, by following these careful steps, you can determine if you owe money and take the appropriate actions to manage your debt effectively.

Need to verify your debts? Contact us for a thorough check. Call (888) 488-5855

Which Debt Collection Laws And Regulations Protect Me From 7132581606

You are protected by several debt collection laws and regulations if you are being contacted by 7132581606. The primary protection comes from the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), which governs third-party debt collectors. This law prohibits them from using abusive, deceptive, or unfair practices, such as:

• Contacting you before 8 AM or after 9 PM
• Calling you at work if your employer prohibits it
• Using obscene or profane language
• Threatening violence
• Harassing you with repeated calls
• Misrepresenting themselves as attorneys or government officials
• Disclosing your debt to third parties without your permission
• Demanding more money than is legally allowed

You must receive a written validation notice about the debt, including the amount owed, the name of the creditor, and statements about your rights to dispute the debt.

If you live in Texas, you also have protections under state laws, which extend many of the FDCPA’s protections to original creditors. Texas law, outlined in Chapter 392 of the Texas Finance Code, includes additional measures like prohibiting the revival of old debt through partial payment and maintaining a statute of limitations of four years for consumer debts.

You have the right to ask debt collectors to stop contacting you. If they violate these rules, you can sue them or report them to agencies like the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).

Finally, remember these protections help enforce your rights, and you can take action if 7132581606 oversteps legal boundaries.

Professionals can help you with your score

Let Professionals help you find and dispute potentially inaccurate negative items hurting your score

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Does 7132581606/Portfolio Recovery Associates Have Any Lawsuits Against Them

Yes, Portfolio Recovery Associates (PRA) has faced several lawsuits and complaints regarding their practices.

For instance, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) filed complaints against PRA on multiple occasions. On March 23, 2023, PRA was ordered to pay over $24 million due to illegal debt collection practices and reporting violations. They also faced a $12 million fine for violating a 2015 CFPB order, continuing to conduct illegal collections and suing without adequate documentation. Another significant case in 2015 highlighted their breaches of the Consumer Financial Protection Act (CFPA) and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), including misrepresentations and collecting time-barred debt without disclosure.

Additionally, PRA has thousands of consumer complaints. Issues range from their aggressive tactics to suing for debts past the statute of limitations, often without providing necessary documentation.

In closing, you should always verify any debt claims made against you. Stay informed and demand proof to protect your rights and financial health.

What Do People Online Say About 7132581606

People online have shared various opinions and experiences about the phone number 7132581606. Here are some quotes you might find useful:

- Reddit user 'Investigator FTC DNC Spamlist' said, 'Spam Call related to No Subject Provided, received in Richmond, Texas. Calling with recorded message (robocalls).'
- Robokiller reported, 'Fake phantom debt collection scam by madarchod criminals phoning from India.'
- Another user on Robokiller mentioned, 'A phantom debt collection scam where the scammer pretends to be a debt collector, bank, credit agency, billing department, lawyer, or law enforcement and threatens to sue or arrest you using lies, harassment, and intimidation to collect on fake debts.'
- From Tellows, there was a comment stating, 'Protect your comment against removal! As a registered user, we will contact you before anyone can remove your comment.'

These quotes suggest you might encounter unsolicited, fraudulent calls if you engage with this number. Many people describe it as a spam or scam call, frequently involving robocalls or fake debt collection threats.

Overall, it seems the number 7132581606 is widely associated with spam or scam calls, and you should be cautious if you receive a call from it.

Do I Really Need To Remove 7132581606 From My Credit Report

Yes, you should consider removing 7132581606 from your credit report if it appears to be potentially inaccurate.

First, verify the accuracy of this item. If it's incorrect, you have the right to dispute it with both the credit reporting companies and the creditor. This process can be time-consuming and exhausting if you handle it on your own, so consider reaching out to a reputable company that specializes in credit repair.

Instead of typical credit repair companies, which can be unreliable, we advise you to look into trusted companies like 'The Credit Pros' for meaningful assistance.

As a final point, ensure you verify the accuracy, dispute inaccuracies, and seek help from trusted credit repair services to improve your credit report efficiently.

Wondering if you should remove this number from your report? Speak with us to find out. Call (888) 488-5855

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- 7132581606

Professionals can help you with your score

Let Professionals help you find and dispute potentially inaccurate negative items hurting your score

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