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Sue baby, sue (this is America, right?)


What do you do when Equifax refuses to clean up their mess?   Sue baby, sue.   This week an Oregon jury awarded Mrs. Julie Miller $18.6 million because she spent two years trying to fix major mistakes on her credit report.  Kudos to Mrs. Miller for taking the fight to Equifax, but this is exactly why clients need the help of a credit repair expert.   Any credit repair expert worth his salt (like the ones here at The Credit Pros ) would have recognized the violations early on and forced Equifax to remove.  Sure, maybe Mrs. Miller wouldn’t have had been granted an $18 million payday, but the items would have been removed, the scores would have been raised, and she wouldn’t have had to wait two years to see it done.

Read the full article here:

And here is ABC News covering it…  

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