Do You Need Good Credit to Start a Small Business?

Over the past year, countless businesses have struggled to keep their doors open. With many consumers reducing their spending, even the largest corporations have dealt with financial struggles related to the current pandemic. Yet, that doesn’t mean it’s the wrong time for you to start a business. The current climate could actually be the perfect […]

Cybersecurity 101: Protect Your Credit Card Against Hackers

Credit cards have made life easier. With just a click you can pay for your groceries, clothes, and bills amongst other things. According to the Federal Trade Commission, credit card theft was the most common type of fraud reported in 2020. The fraud takes place daily with tons of people falling victim to this heart-breaking […]

Identity Theft & Scam Guide: What Is Ransomware?

In recent years, there has been a mass migration to remote working and cloud storage. While these new ways of working have improved workflow and productivity, they have also opened up new access points for attackers to access and steal data. Some of the most vulnerable apps for cunning attackers are: Social media and messaging […]

The Benefits of Having A High Credit Score in 2021

A high credit score is just as important as other cornerstone financial tips, such as paying down debt and building an emergency fund. Your credit score affects your ability to achieve big milestones such as buying your first home or car, but it can also impact less obvious things like insurance premiums or your ability […]

Should I Quit My Job To Get A Higher Salary?

Job hopping is on the rise. Millennial workers are increasingly seeing the career benefits of changing jobs every few years. The phenomenon is supported by the fact that it’s easier to get a higher starting salary in a new job than to be promoted to an equivalent salary bracket within the same organization. The ceiling […]

The Easiest Money Saving Tips That You Can Do Today

Saving your way to financial stability and freedom relies heavily on good money habits. Whether you’re starting from your first job or with a high income, a healthy saving habit will carry you a long way. The first step of saving is to know where your money is going and to craft a budget that […]

Identity Theft & Scam Guide: Phishing Scams

In our in-depth guide on how to protect yourself from identity theft, we mentioned various different methods that fraudsters get access to your info. With this info, they can do all manner of things, including taking our loans, opening credit cards, and even using your name to commit fraudulent acts. Fraudsters can get your information […]

Why did House Prices Go Up in 2020 During the Pandemic

The pandemic brought with it a lot of surprises, one of them being the rise in house prices. The US economy plummeted with millions of Americans finding themselves out of work and without food. No one would have predicted that at the time when times were hard for everyone, home prices would become overheated, mortgage […]

Best Budgeting Apps in 2021

For most people, the only way to take charge and track their spending is to have a budget. A budget can help you control your spending and get out of debt. Technological advancements have made the process much easier with the availability of budgeting apps. Budgeting apps have become popular as they make it easier […]