What Can Be Disputed On a Credit Report?

Discovering negative information on your credit reports is never an enjoyable experience. However, when you believe that the negative information on your credit reports is…

The Truth about New Credit Identity Scams

Trying to restore your damaged credit can often be a very time consuming and frustrating process, especially if you have been attempting to overcome your credit issues on your own. While you can (and perhaps should) hire a professional credit repair expert to help you in a legitimate manner, you may also be tempted to […]

Rebuilding Credit After Bankruptcy

If you have ever made the decision to file for bankruptcy, you likely did not do so lightly. While bankruptcy has the ability to protect you financially, it is also well known that filing for bankruptcy can cause serious damage to your credit scores. As a result, bankruptcy is typically best reserved for only the […]

Preparing Your Credit for an Auto Loan

There are a lot a factors to consider and numerous decisions to be made as you prepare to purchase a new vehicle. While some of these decisions can be fun (such as choosing the make, model, and color of your ride) there are also some other important factors which you cannot afford to overlook. Making […]

Free Credit Scores: Useful or a Waste of Time?

The credit scores you pull online (aka consumer credit scores) and the credit scores you receive whenever a lender accesses your credit as part of a loan application are often worlds apart. Many of the consumer credit scores which you can access online are some version of the Vantage Score credit scoring model. By contrast […]

Credit Repair: Is It Legal?

If you are one of the millions of Americans struggling with bad credit you may be looking for answers and wondering what “credit repair” is all about. It may sound too good to be true that you could find someone to help you deal with your credit problems. You might even be wondering whether credit […]

Who Has the Right to Access Your Credit Reports?

Have you ever reviewed a copy of your 3 credit reports? If not, you should make a point to do so sooner rather than later. Your credit reports can contain a vast amount of personal information about you. This information may detail your current and previous addresses, employment history, date of birth, social security number, […]

Good Debt Vs. Bad Debt

In the financial world all debt is certainly not created equal. There are good debts and there are bad debts. The generally accepted concept is that good debts include those which work for you – investments which may grow in value. Conversely, bad debts are those which will depreciate in value. If you have made […]

Do You Still Owe a Charged-Off Debt?

“Charge-off” is a credit term which is very often misunderstood by consumers. If you have struggled with credit problems in the past, the term could easily wind up on your credit reports in association with unpaid accounts. However, while a charge-off might potentially appear to be good news on the surface it does not actually […]

Credit Problems Which Can Ruin Your Mortgage Application

If you have done your homework you already know that earning good credit is a key step in purchasing a home. Your 3 credit reports and scores will play an important role in whether a lender will approve or deny your next mortgage application. Yet believe it or not, you do not have to have […]