Introducing VantageScore 4.0

You may not realize it, but you actually have hundreds of different credit scores. Many of these credit scores are routinely relied upon by lenders…

Can Bad Credit Cost You a Job?

Having bad credit is hard. Bad credit can make your life a lot more difficult than it needs to be in many different areas. If you have been battling credit problems for any amount of time then these statements will likely come as no surprise to you. Some of the struggles which you may face [...]

How the Dispute Process Works

Dealing with credit problems is never much fun, but when your credit problems are the result of errors on your credit reports these problems can take on a whole new level of frustration. Credit problems and low credit scores can make life difficult in many ways. Bad credit can easily lead to loan denials, trouble […]

Are Retail Store Cards Good for Your Credit?

If you are researching the topic of how to build better credit you will probably receive a lot of conflicting advice. Your loved one might tell you to avoid credit cards and retail store credit cards all together. (Pro tip: that is bad advice.) You might read online that you need to open a credit [...]

What Do People with High Credit Scores Have In Common?

Life can be a lot easier when you have high credit scores. After all, high credit scores can help you to land some amazing perks like easier loan approvals, higher credit limits, lower interest rates, the ability to save a lot of money, and better negotiating power. If your credit scores are currently less-than-stellar one [...]

Information Not Found on Your Credit Reports

No one likes a tattle tale, and at times that is exactly what a credit report may feel like. Credit reports, after all, can tell future lenders and even potential employers all about your financial past including any mistakes you may have made. Yet the truth is that your credit reports do not contain a [...]

Why Credit Cards Are Safer than Debit Cards

Have you ever gotten into trouble with credit cards in the past? If the answer is yes and once upon a time you overextended yourself by charging up a big pile of credit card debt then you might feel a little gun shy about using credit cards again. It is understandable that using a credit [...]

How Late Can a Payment Be Before It Hurts Your Credit?

When it comes to maintaining a good credit rating paying your bills on time is a must. However, what happens when a simple mistake is made and you forget to send in a payment by the due date? What if a financial emergency arises and you have to wait until the following pay day to take care of a monthly bill? Will your overlooked or postponed payment undo all of your hard work and trash your credit scores?

Ten Greatest Myths about Your Credit

1. Credit Bureaus are empowered with some governmental authority.

The credit bureaus are private companies who are in the business of selling credit information to banks, lenders, card dealerships and any other companies that are looking to give you some financing. Credit bureaus have no government powers. They are private entities

2. The credit bureaus are required by law to keep derogatory items on your credit report for 7 to 10 years.
There is no law stating that the credit bureaus must report any information on you at all. The credit bureaus are required by law to automatically remove all derogatory items older than seven years or in the case of bankruptcy, ten years.

Tis' the season for family, friends, food, and fun. Unfortunately the holidays are also a time for extra expenses and very often for overspending as well. Many people start the holidays out with the best of intentions when it comes to their finances. Perhaps you even began with a budget or spending limit to make [...]