Best Budgeting Apps in 2021

Best Budgeting Apps 2021

For most people, the only way to take charge and track their spending is to have a budget. A budget can help you control your spending and get out of debt. Technological advancements have made the process much easier with the availability of budgeting apps. Budgeting apps have become popular as they make it easier […]

What Happens When You Cosign On A Loan?

A co-signer is a person who signs off on another person’s loan and agrees to pay off the debt should the borrower fail to pay for whatever reason. As a co-signer, you must have adequate income and a good credit score to assist the borrower to qualify for the loan. You are not entitled to […]

Top 5 Ways You Could Become a Victim of Identity Fraud

Identity theft happens when an individual or group of individuals takes personally identifiable information like names, date of birth, social security number, your address, and your mother’s maiden name among others. Once they have this information, they will pretend to be you and use it for their own financial gain without your knowledge. The recent […]

Simple Ways To Improve Your Credit Score Before Buying A House

Making just about any big purchase today requires a check on your credit score, including buying a car, taking out student loans, renting an apartment, and obviously, getting a credit card. Considering just how many different things require your credit score, it shouldn’t be any surprise that many things can also affect it. Sometimes credit […]

Should You Close Your Credit Card Account?

Having a credit card has made life easier for most people as it frees you from the need to carry cash with you every time. It allows you to go cashless and with the rise of e-commerce, paying for your purchases is now easier than ever. But, many credit cards have annual fees attached to […]

Should I Rent Or Should I Buy A Home?

There is no straightforward answer to whether you should rent or buy a home. We are all sold on the dream of working hard and owning a home. While this dream is admirable it’s not for everyone and is sometimes a bad bargain. The mortgage crisis that triggered the 2008 financial crash is proof of […]

Guide to Combining Finances After Marriage

Marriage finances can either be a source of unity between a couple or cause discord. It all depends on how they are handled. Financial differences are the No 1 stress factor in marriages leading to divorce. Credit problems can even lead to divorce! Read out this complete guide to combining finances after marriage. The good […]

Data Breaches on Facebook & LinkedIn: Has Your Identity Been Stolen?

Identity theft and data breaches are increasingly common threats to anyone who makes transactions online or shares their information with an online platform. Identity theft has evolved into various forms with fraudsters finding new ways to bypass security systems. Read this blog about data breaches on Facebook & LinkedIn. A 2019 report put the number […]

How Does Mortgage Interest Work?

Mortgage interest rates are a crucial determinant of whether a renter takes the leap into homeownership. Lenders will typically finance up to 80% of the buying price. It is important to understand how mortgage interest works and what goes into your monthly mortgage payments before you sign up. How Does Mortgage Interest Work Mortgages are […]