Beginner’s Guide on How To Save Money

How To Save Money

It may seem hard to justify saving money when you have a low income and high amounts of debt. But there are plenty of good reasons to have a growing savings account, even if you’re putting most of your excess cash into debt repayment. You Need A Rainy Day Fund Life happens. Your car breaks […]

How To Get Your Annual Credit Report for 2020

One of the most important aspects of financial discipline is to understand your credit history. If you understand what’s on your credit report, you can see what information lenders are using to determine whether or not you qualify for loans. You can also see what they’re using to determine your credit score. Keep reading this […]

The Difference Between Your Credit Report & Your Credit Score

When most people think about “good credit”, they think about high credit scores. Any credit score above 800 is considered “excellent”, regardless of the circumstances behind the score. Keep reading this blog to know the difference between credit score and credit report. But there’s much more to credit than a three digit number. Every person […]

What Does “Snowball Your Debt” Mean?

Snowballing is a debt management strategy popularized by personal finance guru Dave Ramsey. He and other personal finance professionals like to discuss snowballing debt as a viable debt repayment strategy for those who are looking to get out of oppressive debt situations. But what does it actually mean to snowball your debt? How does it […]

Payday Loans Are Bad For Your Finances

Sometimes, we get into serious financial binds. Bills are due and you don’t have the money, or there’s an emergency and you need cash immediately (how to save money) to deal with it. You could be under threat of being evicted or foreclosed on. Life sometimes hits all at once and we might be tempted […]

How To Keep Good Credit When Unemployed

If you’re concerned about your credit during these trying times, you’re not alone. Many Americans are having trouble keeping themselves afloat these days. Thanks to the student loan forbearance and the federal mortgage deferrals, many Americans won’t have to worry too much. However, these periods are ending soon. Read out this blog on how to […]

Should I Accept A Pre-Approved Credit Card Offer?

Occasionally, you might get a credit card offer in the mail. Most of the time, you might consider it junk mail. However, every once in a while, you get a pre-approved credit card offer that seems like a good idea to accept. You might even get a credit card upgrade offer from your bank where […]

Didn’t Receive Stimulus Check? Here’s What To Do.

On March 21, 2020, President Trump signed the CARES Act into law. This act made provisions for a $2 trillion comprehensive economic stimulus package to affect many different aspects of the American economy. Part of this stimulus package was a provision to give up to $1,200 to every American citizen who qualified. Keep reading on […]

Free Professional Education during COVID-19

Many people have been let go from their jobs, and this uncertainty has caused a great deal of panic. People are expecting a worldwide recession. Read this blog on free professional education during COVID-19. However, being out of work at this time can be an opportunity. Now, furloughed workers have much more time to educate […]

Companies That Are Hiring During COVID-19

Many businesses have been forced to shut down due to the pandemic. Other businesses are not seeing as much business because of the economic problems associated with the shutdowns. Check out this blog to know about the companies that are hiring during COVID-19. However, there are businesses that are hiring in almost all areas of […]