How Does Mortgage Interest Work?

Mortgage interest rates are a crucial determinant of whether a renter leaps homeownership. Lenders will typically finance up to 80% of the buying price. It is important to understand how mortgage interest works and what goes into your monthly mortgage payments before you sign up. How Does Mortgage Interest Work Mortgages are calculated based on […]

Guide to Combining Finances After Marriage

Marriage finances can either be a source of unity between a couple or cause discord. It all depends on how they are handled. Financial differences are the No 1 stress factor in marriages leading to divorce. Credit problems can even lead to divorce! Readout this complete guide to combining finances after marriage. The good news […]

How To Get Your Annual Credit Report for 2022

Keeping track of our performance is key in any successful process. Sometimes people may deviate from their primary focus and concentrate on unrelated tasks. They may unknowingly spend their time and money on things that aren’t a priority.  A performance tracker is necessary to evaluate and monitor our creditworthiness. This blog focuses on the methods […]

The Difference Between Charge Cards & Credit Cards

Credit cards and charge cards are similar, but they work in very different ways. Charge cards are not used in all the same ways like credit cards. So, what is the difference between them? Here’s some information you may not know about charge cards and credit cards and the difference between charge cards & credit […]

How Long Does Credit Repair Take?

When you start to take a serious step in repairing your credit, you want quick results. You start making responsible financial decisions and taking action to dispute negative items. But you don’t see any significant changes to your credit score. You might start thinking, how long does credit repair take? The credit repair process is […]

How Do Credit Repair Services Work?

Having good credit is a meaningful goal for all because our credit reports and credit scores determine numerous financial and other decisions in our lives. Getting a loan, a good interest rate, a competitive insurance premium, and even getting a job can be impacted by your credit report. As we’ll see, there are many ways […]

How Does a Self Credit Card Work?

Self Credit Cards are like debit cards, and function in a similar way.  A self credit card is a card that allows people with no credit or poor credit to build a credit profile. Basically, a self credit card is where you pay ahead of time, the amount you want to borrow.  From yourself.  But […]