5 Common Factors that Lead to a Bad Credit Rating

Ever since the global financial crisis first reared its head towards the common men in 2008, financial institutions have put in place a greater number of credit policies and stringent background checks to ensure that the probability of coming across bad debt is minimized. Now, be it a house loan, car finance, or even an […]

The Gift of Good Credit for Your Children

Despite their continuous use by people around the world, credit cards are often looked at with a lot of negativity. Blamed for enticing people to spend more than they actually have, credit cards do lead individuals to overspend and fall into debt crises. However, these statements merely highlight the negative aspect of credit cards. Looking […]

How to Identify Credit Repair Scams

Having a bad credit rating is a tough situation to be in. Obtaining any sort of financial help with a low credit rating has become a tough task too. The problem has only worsened after the financial crisis of 2008 as banks and other financial institutions now put strict limitations before approving individuals. It comes […]