How to Never Carry Credit Card Debt Again

    A good credit score is a necessity for getting the best deal when you go to buy an automobile or a home. One way to acquire and maintain a good credit score is by using credit cards, but never carrying credit card debt. According to a study published by CNN, an average American […]

5 Ways You Can Ruin Your Credit without Knowing it

  Everyone knows a good credit score can make life easier and a poor one can make life difficult. Poor credit can make it difficult to buy a home or a new vehicle, rent an apartment, or even get the job you really want. Your insurance rates can also be affected in some cases. What’s […]

5 Financial Decisions Every Entrepreneur Must Make

When it comes to starting a business, from the initial business plan to deciding how success will be determined, the future of you and your business depends on making wise financial decisions.  Most importantly, the most important and hardest hitting decisions will be financial in nature. Here are five financial decisions entrepreneurs need to make […]

Acquiring Credit Reports of Your Children

  All parents hope to give their children the skills to become financially stable and financially savvy adults. No one wants to see their child handling their money poorly or mismanaging their credit, as those things only lead to further problems down the road. But even after doing everything they can, parents might still want […]

3 Things That Will Increase Your 2015 Tax Return

While looking forward to next year, there are things you can do now to ensure a larger refund if you are among the unfortunate ones who have to write a check to the IRS this spring instead of receiving one. Be certain to take advantage of every deduction you are entitled to in order to […]