Sue baby, sue (this is America, right?)


What do you do when Equifax refuses to clean up their mess?   Sue baby, sue.   This week an Oregon jury awarded Mrs. Julie Miller $18.6 million because she spent two years trying to fix major mistakes on her credit report.  Kudos to Mrs. Miller for taking the fight to Equifax, but this is […]

Some Pretty Cool Stats on Credit Scores

  Now, I can’t take credit for this one, but there are a few points of interest on credit scores that I like in the Credit Karma info-graphic below.   First, don’t believe that having “too many accounts” and “too much credit” is a bad thing. Take a look at the highest score bracket and […]

The Impact of Bad Credit

    As strange and ridiculous as it may sound, credit repair is important to save you money in any future purchases or loan applications that you may be making. The majority of the population misses a payment here or there, or is late on making a payment. This is not the end of the […]

To hell with prepaid cards

What do Russell Simmons, Kim Kardashian, Mickey Mouse and Elvis have in common? They are all shills for Prepaid Credit Cards, and in my opinion are all greedy, manipulative pigs (except Elvis – he’s dead). See, prepaid cards are good at allowing the banking account-challenged among us to use plastic. They are also really good […]