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“Hi, this is Rakeem and I came to the Credit Pros a couple of months ago trying to help my wife. We were referred by our mortgage company because we were trying to get a loan for a house. Once we come to The Credit Pros they moved fast to take care of bad things on our account that we disputed. We had no problems with them and the financial obligation for us was great for us. They had a payment plan for us to do because we did not have all the money up front so I will recommend Credit Pros to anybody. Like I said, if you’re having problems with your credit what they do is they make sure they put you first. They worry about you as a client, and they treat you number 1. You never have a problem about load of people and they don’t know who your name is. Like I said you should try The Credit Pros out. If you’re listening to these testimony right now and you are wavering on doing it or not, let me tell you you’re talking to a person who didn’t care about credit and now I have become a responsible person about my finances thanks to The Credit Pros. ”

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