The Credit Pros Testimonial – Mark Joseph | (800) 411-3050

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“My name is Mark Joseph from Cambridge, Massachusetts and I actually asked for a survey, because I just want to say what a wonderful job The Credit Pros are doing and the satisfaction I’m having working with them and particularly with Sid calling during my break. I had a stressful day at work, I just really wanted to get little tasks out of the way and I never thought I would receive the customer service I received from Sid. And she explained all of my questions and I asked her multiple times to get clarification and she not only answered them to the point, but she answered them with a lot of patience and I appreciate everything the company is doing for me to improve my credit, so I can take my life to where it needs to go. So I thank the Credit Pros very very very much. Sid is doing an incredible job and I think she deserves to be acknowledged for that. Thank you very much.”

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