The Credit Pros Testimonial- Kevin | (800) 411-3050

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“Hey this is Kevin calling with a quick testimonial for The Credit Pros, you know real simple my credit score was in Six Hundreds and what interesting is probably within Six Months, Six/Nine Months Credit Pros was able to get it to my middle score was now about Seven Forties which previously when I started with them I did not qualify for Mortgage that I was looking for and as of last week I actually a Pre qualification for Mortgage based on the work that Credit Pros did. Jason guys are awesome, you have a awesome service and what I love about it is, you know you actually pay for what you guys are able to get off. Most other company that I had in the past I have to give a large Thirteen Hundred Dollar upfront payment and you know, whatever they got off they got off. You guys are much more effective. Thank you so much.”

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