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“My name is Kenneth Martinez. I’m living in North Carolina. I started the program in Tampa, FL where I went Credit Pros through Lennar Homes. My credit score at that time was 526 and they told me it will probably be 90 to 180 days before I will get to my ultimate goal of 620. It took a little bit longer because I have a lot stuff on there but then on the first 90 days they had 6 to 7 items deleted and throughout the last 9 months they deleted another 11 items, so just last month my credit score went to 634! I went ahead and took a chance to see if I can purchase a home and we got approved and I just moved in so the experience was great! The counselor I had, Gene, was great. He walked me through steps to other items I can do to raise my credit score. They raised my score to 634 and it is what it is now I’m happy with the service I got and I definitely recommend it to someone else so thank you very much!”

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