The Credit Pros Testimonial- Jennifer | (800) 411-3050

Listen as Jennifer Cabardo from Las Vegas Nevada sings the praises of the awesome credit repair work The Credit Pros has done for him. Do you need credit help? Call The Credit Pros for a free consultation – 800-411-3050 or visit our site  

“My name is Jennifer Cabardo from Las Vegas, Nevada and I had a really, really low score, to give you an idea it was around 4, one of the lowest scores you can get on your credit. And I had been taken every step of the way through Credit Pros and everyone whose helped me with great customer service and ideas on how to improve my credit score by getting positive lines of credit and also of course deleting, they were able to delete some of my or a lot of my negative credits. And I have been really, really happy with the outcome so far. A lot of deletions and negative items have been removed and my credit is phenomenal now. I think it’s way, way better and its exactly where I wanted to be.So, thank you to Credit Pros for everything.”

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