The Credit Pros’ Holiday Party 2018

TCP Holiday Party

Last December Holiday Party 2018, our team, together with the executives and co-founders, celebrated the holidays with a nigh of fun and glam! As we always say here in The Credit Pros, we are equally committed to improving the lives of our employees. Did you know you why we have been honored by Inc. Magazine […]

How Your Credit Reports Could Change Drastically On July 1st

Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian have announced some huge changes in their credit reporting policies which will be introduced on July 1, 2017. The 3 major credit reporting agencies (CRAs) will soon be removing the vast majority of tax liens and about half of the judgments from the credit reports of American consumers in just a […]

Trended Data

If you have never heard of the term “trended data” before, then you need to pay close attention to this article. This somewhat recent addition (relatively speaking) to your credit reports could have a noteworthy influence over your credit scores and, by extension, your ability to qualify for loans and credit cards in the future. […]

Prescreened Credit Card Offers and Your Credit

Prescreened Credit Card Offers and Your Credit Your credit reports and scores are probably used for a lot more purposes than you even realize. Sure, you almost certainly are well aware that lenders generally check your credit reports and scores whenever you apply for a loan or a new credit card account. Sometimes 1 credit […]

Introducing VantageScore 4.0

You may not have realized it before now, but the truth is you actually have hundreds of different credit scores. Many of these credit scores are routinely relied upon by lenders to predict risk – specifically the risk of doing business with you. As a result and in order to remain competitive, credit score creators […]