The Credit Pros Marks 10th Year Anniversary

10th year anniversary

The Credit Pros commemorates its 10th year anniversary as one of the premier credit repair companies in the United States. TCP’s founders, Damon DeCresenzo and Jason Kaplan Esq, initially set off the company because they recognized the people’s need to develop and mend the pratice of dealing with credit. Since then, DeCreseonzo and Kaplan never […]

3 Ways to Delete Collection Account

Collection accounts are known to take a wrecking ball to credit scores. That is no secret. In fact, even paid collections accounts may continue to damage your credit scores nearly just as severely as unpaid collection accounts, depending upon the brand and generation of credit scoring model which is being used to calculate your credit […]

How the Dispute Process Works

How the Dispute Process Works Dealing with credit problems is never much fun, but when your credit problems are the result of errors on your credit reports these problems can take on a whole new level of frustration. This frustration is largely due to the fact that credit problems and low credit scores can make […]

Credit Cards 101 Part 1: Making Credit Cards Work for You, Not Against You

When it comes to credit cards you will find a variety of advice and opinions, often very strong ones. At some point in your life you have probably even had someone you respect tell you that credit cards are dangerous and should be avoided entirely. However, before you believe the “credit cards are dangerous” advice you received from your uncle, your best friend, or even your favorite financial guru you should take…