How to Prepare Your Credit for a Mortgage

If you are dreaming about purchasing the perfect home for your family, perhaps even planning the optimal paint colors for the walls or imagining the backyard haven where you will unwind after a hard day of work, then step number one to making your dream become reality is to make sure your credit is ready […]

How You Can Prevent Identity Theft

It is no secret that identity theft is a very commonly occurring problem. Even if you have never had your identity stolen personally, chances are high that you at least know someone who has been a victim of this unfortunate and frustrating crime. Unsurprisingly, one of the biggest side effects of identity theft is the […]

How To Detect Identity Theft & What You Need to Know

You have probably heard the ominous statistics before on the nightly news or maybe you have even read articles online about how identity theft is one of the nation’s fastest growing crimes. Hopefully, you will never fall victim to an identity thief, but with billions of dollars every year being stolen through identity theft and […]

How To Protect Your Child from Identity Theft!

When it comes to identity theft, it is not only your own credit reports and personal information that you need to protect. Your child’s personal information can also be stolen by identity thieves. In fact, both seniors and children are often prime targets for identity thieves due to the fact that the crime may go […]

Complete Guide on How To Recover From Identity Theft

Discovering that your identity has been stolen and your once pristine credit reports have been trashed is a truly sickening feeling. After all, there is nothing worse than suffering from a trashed credit report when the credit problems which are there were not even caused by you in the first place. If this unfortunate event […]

How Long Can Bad Debt Damage Your Credit Reports?

Your credit reports are tools, tools which are routinely used by lenders, banks, creditors, and collection agencies (among many others). Naturally credit reports are tools which are used to review applications for financing and to help companies decide whom they do and do not wish to do business with in the future.  However, your credit […]