Why does Closing a Credit Card Could Hurt Your Credit Scores

One of the worst credit myths you will come across is the concept that closing old credit cards is good for your credit. Consumers close credit card accounts for a variety of reasons. Some consumers will close an account because they are no longer using it. Another consumer might close his credit card accounts out of fear of running up a large amount of credit card debt. The next consumer might decide to close his credit card account because a promotional rate has expired. However,

Credit Building Tips for Recent Graduates

Congratulations, graduate! All of those long nights of cramming, countless hours of studying, and an endless sea of stressful exams have finally paid off in the form of a degree. Yet before you rush off into the real world believing that the hard work is all behind you, there is another course you still need […]

All You Need to Know About Secured Credit Cards

Many people fear using credit cards because it gets them into debt, and others understand credit cards are useful if used effectively. Credit cards allow people to delay payment with no interest for up to 30 days, making them the perfect financial tool for everyday purchases. Having a credit card and using it wiser will […]

Professional Credit Repair vs DIY: Which is Better?

Professional Credit Repair vs DIY: Which is Better? A common question asked is whether professional credit repair is more worth it than DIY credit repair. Many people do it themselves, whereas others call a professional. Credit reporting errors happen and they occur probably a lot more often than you think. The Federal Trade Commission even […]

The Truth and Myths of Debt Consolidation

People share information at incredible speeds without knowing its authenticity and unknowingly spread false information to people around them, and the same is true for the concept of Debt Consolidation. This article focuses on how to differentiate between the facts and myths about debt consolidation. If you’re dealing with a huge amount of high-interest debt […]

How Credit Cards Can Destroy Your Credit

Credit cards are a useful tool, but credit card debt is particularly insidious. Read below how credit cards can destroy your credit? Credit card debt affects millions of Americans every year, keeping their credit scores lower than they should be. People report having crushing amounts of credit card debt, and their balances just keep growing. Not […]

Debt Collectors: Will You Be Sued Over Old Debt?

Debt Collectors: It is no secret that unpaid debts can lead to a lot of problems – problems which have the ability to follow you around and make life miserable for many years. Yet although defaulted debts can haunt you for a long time in most cases these debts cannot haunt you forever. Consumer protection […]

Do All 3 of Your Credit Scores Matter?

The title of this article actually features a big mistake. The mistake is the idea that you only have 3 credit scores and it is one of those credit myths which resurfaces over and over again. In truth while you do only have 3 credit reports, one from each of the 3 major credit reporting agencies (Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian), you really have hundreds of different credit scores.

The Most Important Signs That You Need Credit Repair Now!

Bad credit can leave you feeling stressed, embarrassed, and overwhelmed – three emotions which are not much fun to experience. In addition to making you feel horrible, bad credit can also be extremely expensive as well, causing you to be denied or to pay much more for even your basic needs of housing and transportation. […]