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The Credits Pros are the best in the world

I have a friend who recommended Credit Pros to me, she said Credit Pros was the best credit repair company in the world. I can't believe you guys, from the very first phone consultation everyone was so nice, concerned about helping me. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You Credit Pros You really are PROS, I GIVE YOU FIVE STARS Jason and your team you are truly God Sent.

Rudolph W. Hines



Anthony Pujols

The Credit Pros Testimonial – Carol M.

"Great Job!!! We have been well informed as things happen. Will highly recommend."

- Carol M.

The Credit Pros Testimonial - Joseph B.

"You guys did great work! I will highly recommend you to anyone I know who needs your service.


- Joseph B

The Credit Pros Testimonial - Ricardo

"My name is Ricardo Davila located in South Florida and I really appreciate all the work done by the Credit Pros. I heard a lot of bad stories about the companies that fix credit and how they charge the monthly fee and don't do any work so thank you for all the help."

The Credit Pros Testimonial - Rakeem

"Hi, this is Rakeem and I came to the Credit Pros a couple of months ago trying to help my wife. We were referred by our mortgage company because we were trying to get a loan for a house. Once we come to The Credit Pros they moved fast. We had no problems with them and the financial obligation for us was great for us. They had a payment plan for us to do because we did not have all the money up front so I will recommend Credit Pros to anybody. Like I said, they make sure they put you first. They worry about you as a client, and they treat you number 1. You never have a problem about load of people and they don't know who your name is. Like I said you should try The Credit Pros out. If you're listening to these testimony right now and you are wavering on doing it or not, let me tell you you're talking to a person who didn't care about credit and now I have become a responsible person about my finances thanks to The Credit Pros. "

The Credit Pros

The Credit Pros Testimonial - Mark Joseph

"My name is Mark Joseph from Cambridge, Massachusetts and I actually asked for a survey, because I just want to say what a wonderful job The Credit Pros are doing and the satisfaction I'm having working with them and particularly with Sid calling during my break. I had a stressful day at work, I just really wanted to get little tasks out of the way and I never thought I would receive the customer service I received from Sid. And she explained all of my questions and I asked her multiple times to get clarification and she not only answered them to the point, but she answered them with a lot of patience. So I thank the Credit Pros very very very much. Sid is doing an incredible job and I think she deserves to be acknowledged for that. Thank you very much."

The Credit Pros Testimonial - Lakeya

"My name is Lakeya Jackson, I've worked with The Credit Pros for about 4-5 months. They were awesome! It's awesome they were amazing!"

The Credit Pros Testimonial - Hector

"Hi my name is Hector Cabral. I'm originally from Tampa, FL but I'm currently deployed to Afghanistan. The Credit Pros did a phenonmenal job. They were able to send out letters disputing items that were old on my credit file. Thank you Credit Pros for everything you've done."

The Credit Pros Testimonial - Edward

My name is Edward B. Thrower. I live in Morrisville, North Carolina. My experience with the Credit Pros has been stellar, I'm a very happy customer. Thank You!

The Credit Pros Testimonial - Alex


"Alex Martinez from Carson, CA. A few years ago my credit was so bad, couldn't get anyone to look my way. In less than a year of service with The Credit Pros, my family is happy. Life couldn't have been better. I owe a lot to The Credit Pros - you won't be disappointed. Thank you."

The Credit Pros Testimonial- Sally

My name is Sally Chuck from Arlington TN. My credit score was fairly well before Credit Pros but we were having troubles. The Credit Pros have been great to us.

The Credit Pros Testimonial- Omar

My name is Omar Wilson I'm from Queens NY, I been with the Credit Pros about 6 Months. Service has been outstanding, I definitely see the progress and the benefits of working with Credit Pros. I recommend Credit Pros for Family and Friends and anyone who looking to repair their credit.

The Credit Pros Testimonial- Yvone

"My name is Yvone from Lithonia, Georgia.I've been very pleased with the Credit Pros. And I would recommend them to those who want to use them."

The Credit Pros Testimonial - Ken

"Hi, this is Ken from NC. We got hooked up with The Credit Pros back in November. Through and through, they did the job and I recommend them to anybody."

The Credit Pros Testimonial - Richard

"This is Richard Aldrige, I enrolled with Credit Pros on NJ back in September 2012. They did a great job. I guess that's it!"

The Credit Pros Testimonial - Jeremy

Hello my name is Jeremy Lane. I would definitely recommend Credit Pros to any of my friends or family. Thank you very much.

The Credit Pros Testimonial- Charles

"Hello my name is Charles Shine, I'm from Charlotte, Carolina. Credit Pros is an awesome group of people. They walked me through the process. THey helped me out tremendously. I would refer anybody to this company. They're great. They're consistent. They do what they say they're gonna do. Have faith, by me putting out my faith with the credit pros, I can breath now and I appreciate Albert and the rest of the Credit Pros staff for what they've done for me and what they're still showing me and teaching me. I've learned a lot through this process so I advice everybody who wants to work on their credit and get things situated. I advice everbody to get Credit Pros a try because they wont regret it if they do. Thanks."

The Credit Pros Testimonial- Carlos

"Hello my name is Carlos Pierre. First off, I wanna thank everybody at the Credit Pros for their outstanding service. I would recommend to anybody the Credit Pros merely because of its fantastic service and their willingness to help me. So, thank you again guys."

Testimonial for The Credit Pros - Amanda

Thank you

i feel good working with this company

I like your service and I liked the way you treatment.You guys are very professional.


Have you ever heard of the saying when something is to good to be true then it probably is fake!! Well this is the TRUTH!! I am a regular person Creditpros always emailed me and even called when I had a problem!! The number one thing YOU have to do is stay on track, turn in all of your paper work as soon as you get it!! AWESOME

Qwensweler Taylor

Mighty fine

My experience with the credit pros is positive and I now have a better understanding of how credit works and feel capable of lowering my cost of money.

Albert Thomas

Really pleased!!!

Thank you to the crew at Credit Pros...they're meticulous care has proven successful. They have done more in the "1st Round" than I ever thought was possible. They really cover you and keep you inform of the process and respond quickly to any questions, changes, concerns...etc Thank you guys I have and will continue to send clients your way!!!

cedric meekins

I want to thank you.

I truly would like to thank you the credit pros for all the great work you have done for me without you all on my team it wouldn't be possible. I will be talking about your service to friends.

Linda Bruster
credit pros

Excellent, professional, and dedicated!

I did not have too much faith or trust in this kind of companies and services. I thought I was going to waste my time and money, but I decided I need to have this done, let's take the chance. Incredible service, all the promises and deliverables were done even before the schedule time. I am so satisfied. I recommend CreditPro services to anyone.

Felix A Tapia