Good Debt Vs. Bad Debt

Good Debt vs Bad Debt

In the financial world all debt is certainly not created equal. There are good debts and there are bad debts. The generally accepted concept is that good debts include those which work for you – investments which may grow in value. Conversely, bad debts are those which will depreciate in value. So what really determines […]

Do You Still Owe a Charged-Off Debt?

“Charge-off” is a credit term which is very often misunderstood by consumers. If you have struggled with credit problems in the past, the term could easily wind up on your credit reports in association with unpaid accounts. However, while a charge-off might potentially appear to be good news on the surface it does not actually […]

Mortgages: From Pre-Approval to Clear to Close

Buying a home can be an exciting and fulfilling goal to achieve, especially if you have fought to overcome credit issues in order to be eligible for a mortgage. Yet the home buying process leaves many borrowers feeling confused and frustrated as well. If you are working toward the goal of purchasing a home it […]

Mixed Credit Files

The credit bureaus get a bad rap, and often deservedly so. After all, when the credit bureaus make mistakes on credit reports the consequences can be quite serious. These serious consequences are not experienced by the credit bureaus themselves, of course. Instead it is you, the consumer, who pays the price for credit reporting inaccuracies. […]