Credit Bureaus: Their Purpose and How They Profit


There are 3 major credit bureaus in the United States known as Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian. The credit bureaus are also referred to as credit reporting agencies or CRAs for short. Contrary to a popular myth, the credit bureaus are not owned by the government. They are instead are for-profit, publicly-traded companies. Understanding who the […]

Universal Default

Credit cards represent a wonderful tool to help you build good credit, but only when they are used properly. Improperly managed credit cards can actually lead to a lot of credit and financial problems including lower credit scores and out-of-control, stressful debt. For this reason our team of credit professionals recommends that you keep your […]

How Many Credit Cards Are Too Many?

If you are looking for credit advice online or in your favorite eBook store you are likely to come across a lot of different opinions. Some credit advice will probably be very similar across the board, such as the fact that no one thinks it is a good idea to make late payments on your […]

Does Credit Matter If I’m Not Applying for a Loan?

Does Credit Matter If I’m Not Applying for a Loan? “Why do I need to worry about my credit if I am not planning to apply for a loan?” The previous question represents a growing sentiment amongst consumers – the idea that living a life unaffected by credit is not only possible, but something for […]