Why Credit Cards Are Safer than Debit Cards

Why Credit Cards Are Safer than Debit Cards
Have you ever gotten into trouble with credit cards in the past? If the answer is yes and once upon a time you overextended yourself by charging up a big pile of credit card debt then you might feel a little gun shy about using credit cards again. It is understandable that using a credit [...]

How Late Can a Payment Be Before It Hurts Your Credit?

When it comes to maintaining a good credit rating paying your bills on time is a must. However, what happens when a simple mistake is made and you forget to send in a payment by the due date? What if a financial emergency arises and you have to wait until the following pay day to take care of a monthly bill? Will your overlooked or postponed payment undo all of your hard work and trash your credit scores?

CFPB Sues Navient

In one of its last moves under the former presidential administration, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) filed three separate lawsuits against student loan servicing giant Navient. Navient currently services the student loans of over 12 million borrowers in the United States, loans which amount to over $300 billion in both federal and private student loan debt.

CFPB Fines Equifax and TransUnion

Think you have just 1 credit score? How about 3 credit scores? If you believed either of these previous statements to be true then you may be in for a bit of a shock. The truth is that you actually have hundreds of different credit scores, and that is no exaggeration.