How to Deal with Clients after Bankruptcy


As it often turns out, most people are apprehensive about the word ‘bankruptcy’. The layman’s definition, a bankrupt is one who has no wealth left at all, thereby making him/her unable to clear outstanding debt. For financial institutions especially, this is a major cause for concern. Simply put, bankrupt clients are a risky proposition and […]

4 Crucial Reasons Couples Should Have Separate Credit

When you and your partner decide to move in together or get married, it’s an obvious sign of wanting to cooperate and be one rather than two individuals. Naturally, this need to bond and be a single entity extends to finance as well. Most couples think it is wise to not only merge their accounts, […]

The Credit Pros Release New Data from CFPB Report

  A new report from Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) exposes a growing problem in America, especially among minority groups.   To Read the full article and report please follow this link:

The Role of the Credit Bureaus in the United States

From the pawn shops run by the average citizen back in the day, Credit Bureaus have now evolved to National entities with an immense amount of data saved in their databases. Back in the day, shop owners were eager to find out whether they could safely loan out an amount or not. The major concern […]