How to Reduce Your Credit Utilization Rate

Numbers And Finance

Everyone knows how important a good credit rating is when the time comes to secure a loan or mortgage. However, there is more to it than just that. In addition to your credit score, credit history, job stability, income, household expenses, personal assets… an important factor is your credit utilization rate. What Is a Credit […]

Quick Takeaway Facts about Credit Monitoring Services

Whether you are concerned about identity theft or seek to secure a loan for a car or a home, knowing what is happening with your credit is imperative in today’s world. Credit monitoring services can keep you up to date with any changes made to your credit report and keep you informed of your credit […]

Improving Your Credit Scores: The Rule Of 45

Improving Your Credit Scores: The Rule Of 45 No matter what you buy, shopping around for the best deal is always a good idea and finding the best interest rate on a new mortgage, student loan, or financing for a new automobile can be a challenge. The problem is, everyone knows that every time you […]

The Right Time to Pay off Your Credit Card Balances

Every month you make sure your credit card balances are either paid in full or paid down enough to keep them in check. You’re a smart money manager and do everything in your power to ensure your credit rating is always the best it can be. But did you know that even if you pay […]

Remedy for Late Payments Blocking New Loans

You’re so excited that you have to stop yourself from breaking out and dancing right in the middle of the sidewalk. You finally found the car of your dreams and figured out that you have the money for the down payment, you can afford the monthly payments and the insurance, and all you have to […]

5 Ways to Save More Money Shopping on Amazon

Everyone loves to find the best deal, and shopping on Amazon can save you big money. When shopping for an item on Amazon, you can buy both new and used items and you can compare prices from multiple sellers to be sure you get the best deal for your dollars. But that’s not the only […]

A Better Credit Score in One Easy Step

    If there was just one easy step to getting a better credit score, you’d be willing to do it, right? You’re not the only one. Millions of Americans could benefit from just one simple change. What is this one little change that could affect the credit scores of millions? Here’s the Answer:   […]